A Hunter/Jumper’s Prayer

A Hunter/Jumper’s Prayer

Today is going to be kind of awesome I hope!  We have a company fun day at Top Golf (aka little to no work today) and then I’ll get to skip out of work a little bit early to go hack Simon, bathe him and pack for the show.  Our lesson last night was pretty shit-tastic, so I’m hoping that means we’ll have a good show 🙂  Either way I am adjusting my expectations in terms of ribbons (as in I don’t expect to get any) and just want to focus on improving from the last time him and I showed at this venue.  I think we can do that!

Most likely won’t be blogging tomorrow, but I always keep my Instagram up to date so if you want some sneak peeks of what’s happening check it out!

Until next time, here’s something fun I wrote a few days ago.  🙂


A Hunter/Jumper’s Prayer

May my lines all be straight,
May my horse not break gait
May the show run somewhat on time.

Make my braids all stay in,
Give me some chance to pin,
Keep my breeches free of all grime.

Let the oxers be small,
Make my shoulders stay tall,
Keep horse eating monsters at bay.

Let the classes be quick,
And his coat look all slick,
Keep him happily eating his hay.

When I start to expire,
and the line’s looking dire,
may he find a good spot and go.

At the end of the day,
Keep me humble to say
It was good to learn at this show!

In George Morris we trust, Amen.


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