WEF $500k Grand Prix

WEF $500k Grand Prix

Going to keep today’s post to mostly images. Went to the barn last night expecting to see my horse looking good and ready to start tack walking, and he was quite lame again. I’m really upset, worried and frustrated. Going to call a new vet out to get a full work up done so I can get some answers, but if you could send out some positive vibes for Simon I would really appreciate it.

For now, lots of Grand Prix photos for y’all so you don’t have to listen to me whine about my lame horse.

Last year with the Olympic trials the best horses were resting during this big money class, but this year everyone was out in their finery.

Unfortunately the course wasn’t an ideal set up for taking photos this year, but I did the best that I could.

The first half was a mix of people I hadn’t heard of before and amateurs.

Among this group, there were some interesting rides and er… Fashion choices.

After the drag is when I really started to get excited though. We had Ian Miller, Captain Canada!


McClain and Antares, who is just as beautiful in person as he is in pictures (the horse of course!).



Laura and Cedric

Reed and Cylana


Beezie and Simon (a great name for a horse)



Several of these riders went clear, and although it wasn’t a great Grand Prix for jumping it was for spectating!

19 thoughts on “WEF $500k Grand Prix

  1. I am so sorry about Simon. I hope your vet has some answers! You must be super frustrated. Your pics are gorgeous!

  2. Oh my pink jacket and irons!!!

    Seriously LOVE your pictures!!! You should do that as a profession! Henry and I will gladly model for ya! lol!

  3. Eeeek, the pink. It’s just so… pank. Where do you even BUY something like that?

    Lovely pictures, and it’s nice to see the horses going in significantly less hardware! Especially those ridden by the big-name pros. Eeeenteresting…

  4. Hugs to Simon. Hopefully you’ll get some answers on Tuesday. I know how frusterating lameness can be. Love your pics! Look at the knees on Antares, holy cow!!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about your Simon, will keep everything crossed for new vet & work up.
    Sending healing vibes his way!
    *Big HUG*

    On the other hand, those are some fab photos. I agree with you Antares is a babe! *drool*

  6. Whine away! Telling others about lameness troubles helps take at least a smidgen of frustration out. Hope the vet has some answers!

    Love the clarity of your shots! Still not too sure about that pink getup though…

  7. I’m such a George Morris- I CRINGE when I see riders going at that level with their legs flying back to their horses rump… I know it could just be that moment taken in the photo, though. But, then you get to all the pros you named and their legs are perfect on the ground and in the air. Ha, oh- to aspire to!

    I still think you took some great photos 🙂

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