Sore No More Product Reviews

Sore No More Product Reviews

What seems like forever ago, I won a great contest sponsored by Hillary at Equestrian at Hart. The prize was trial sizes of three Sore No More products – “The Sauce”, gelotion liniment, and shampoo. Life has been a wee bit crazy for me lately and it took a lot longer than I meant for it for me to use these products enough for me to bring you a real review, but today I’ll be telling my experience with “The Sauce” and the gelotion liniment.


When Simon went lame last week, I didn’t do anything crazy to treat it. The only thing I did in addition to soaking his hoof in mixture of warm water, betadine and epsom salt was treat the hoof and his warm/puffy heel with The Sauce. The bottle does not say “will burst abscesses and cure your horse’s lameness” but it does list a lot of hoof and skin conditions that the all natural ingredients help. I figured, what the heck? It’s a thin liquid and I splashed some on the sole of his foot as well as his heels. The next day I noticed an improvement in his soundness and the day after that the abscess burst. Who knows if it was The Sauce, but I think the product is a good one to have around for how versatile it claims to be.


I’ve also used the Sore No More Gelotion on Simon’s back and my husband’s back. The first guinea pig was my husband, who didn’t notice anything. To be fair, my husband has sporadic, severe back pain… so it’s not like we’re talking a regular ache and pain here. Also, he may or may not have been in the best mood when I rubbed some of this stuff on his back.

As for Simon, his back gets a bit sore where the back of my saddle rests due to a less than perfect fit. I have been putting Vetrolin Gel Liniment on his back, and he would often scoot down when I applied the liniment. The Vetrolin liniment is very thick, cold and tingly. When I apply the Sore No More Gelotion, Simon doesn’t scoot at all. It’s also all natural, and has a unique but pleasing to me smell. I feel like it’s very gentle, and a good choice for his back where he shows some sensitivity.


With products like this, it’s hard to give a review because I don’t think there are any clear answers. However, I notice no ill effects (no irritated skin or anything like that) and some possible very positive ones. I think if you haven’t found the right liniment yet or like trying new things, give Sore No More Gelotion a try. As for “The Sauce”, it would be a great staple in any grooming box in my opinion.


Speaking of fun prizes, Hillary is hosting another cool contest over at her blog. Check it out – you can win some killer saddle soap 🙂

15 thoughts on “Sore No More Product Reviews

  1. Guinness LOVES Sore-No-More liniment. It’s the only liniment he’ll tolerate. I’ve used it on myself, and it seems to really work well for sore muscles or bruises. The sting goes out, and they heal faster. I use it on Guinness’ arthritic fetlocks before every ride, and love that there is no alcohol in it so I can use it safely under wraps!

  2. Lily loves Sore-No-More! Vetrolin is a close second. I’ve seen notable differences in her especially with the Sore-No-More (I have the Gelotion). A couple of weeks ago she had a mysterious non-painful swelling on one of her hocks. I poulticed it with Sore-No-More poultice the first 2 days, then used the Gelotion the next 2 days. The swelling completely resolved. I still don’t know what caused it.

    I love using Sore No More under standing wraps after a hard workout, too. It really prevents stocking up!

    1. I think I will get some when my prize is out to add to his horse show spa treatment. That’s about the only time he’s in standing wraps, but it would help his legs after a long day of showing without turnout.

    1. Hi Paola,

      If you decide to use SORE NO-MORE products, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know how it works for you and your equine companion.

      Thank you,

  3. I LOVE the Sore No More gelotion. I use it on Ozzy after all our endurance rides and I have seen it make a significant difference. I have also used it on my own bad shoulder and it has felt better for it! Not familiar with their other products, though.

  4. Nice to see your review! 🙂 sad that simon had an abscess but glad that you got to try the sauce out on it! Sent your review to the person that provided me the samples from arenus – sore no more! 🙂

  5. Definitely have to grab some of “The Sauce”… That would’ve come in handy! I’ve heard some good things about Sore-No-More products but I’ve never tried them. I’m a traditional Bigeloil (sp?) Gel user for me and the ponies.

  6. Love Sore No More. I have noticed a difference in the mare’s attitude when applying SNM versus other typical liniments. Just seems so much happier with SNM after a heavier workout, but hey, I haven’t figured out a direct way to ask the mare yet to ask for certain. 🙂

    1. Hi Tori,

      Thank you for the great question. We wanted to reach out to you to clarify your concerns. Arenus (SORE NO-MORE) does not use any animal products or animal by products in any of our Arenus products. All SORE NO-MORE products are 100% natural, made from plant extracts. Our SORE NO-MORE Gelotion (“Gel-lotion”) has a gel-like consistency made from anthem gum. Anthem gum is a plant extract, 100% natural, and will not hurt you or your pet. We hope this clears up your concern. Please visit with any additional questions or concerns.

      Thank you,

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