Slight Change of Plans

Slight Change of Plans

Well not really a change of plans, more an experiment in the planning department.   See it’s no secret that I love the hunters.  I love the perfection.  I love the outfits.  I love the overall goal.

My horse jumps cute and has potential as a hunter, even with some obstacles (both his and mine) we’re currently working through.

So I do love the hunters, and if I had to pick my ideal goal for Simon it would be to show in the 3′ adult hunters and hold our own on a local level.  That being said… getting there is really frustrating at times.  It’s hard to show and try your best and just not be good enough.  With that in mind, I saw an opportunity.

We've come a long way from this.
We’ve come a long way from this.

See, we are trying some new shows as a barn this year.  They are well run, and have a whole new list of classes compared to our local central Texas circuit.  You know what else they have?

They have little jumpers.

Their jumper divisions start at 2’0″ and go all the way to 3’+.

I’m sure you see where this is going.

While I’m not abandoning my dream of hunterland, I am curious and want to dabble in the jumpers without having to jump up in fence height.  So we’re signing up for the 2’3″ and the 2’6″ jumper divisions to show over Memorial Day weekend.  And I think it will be really, really fun!

Who knows how we’ll do, and I’m not prepared to gallop around over tiny oxers for the sake of winning… but I do welcome a change of pace at the moment.

So here we go to jumperland!  Maybe they’ll make a convert out of me yet?  At least I can finally show with some of these bonnets I’ve been collecting!

28 thoughts on “Slight Change of Plans

  1. Oh that’s exciting! I think a change of pace is good- it’s nice to get away occasionally from subjectivity (for hunters in your case, dressage in mine), and do something so straight forward! There’s something to be said about just having to deal with time faults and poles!

  2. I’m sure you’ll have fun! And any excuse to get out the bonnets is a good one. 🙂

    I used to do small local jumper shows with Moe in between big events- they kept us on our toes, were lots of fun, and were much more affordable than going to half a dozen three day events!

  3. Viva la variety! You can – and folks generally should! – hop around a little jumper course just like it’s a little hunter course, so no harm done and I bet you guys will have a blast. 

  4. Heck yeah jumpers!!!

    My trainer and I have a philosophy: we never try to win unless 1) it is a money class, and 2) there is a chance we might actually win. So, not first of ten to go in the jump-off etc. Any other jumper course, just give the horse a nice trip around and make smart–NOT CRAZY–decisions about how to shave off time and leave the jumps up. Sometimes you’ll still win because other people will make more mistakes than you. But watching people gallop like hell around a 3′ class at a schooling show is… aggravating. Let’s not be those people!

  5. Whoop whoop!!! Welcome to jumper land! Biggest mistake people make is thinking That jumpers=running. Tight and smooth is fastest. You will be awesome!

  6. I am currently also dealing with those temptations!! I convinced my trainer to let us do the ‘puddle jumper’ jumper classes at some point this summer. It just looks like a fun break from hunterland. I’m sure you and Simon will rock!

  7. Whoo! It’s party time for you! 😉

    Maybe galloping around those jumper courses will take off some of the stress and help you push for those distances! I love jumpers!

  8. How exciting! I was really into hunters for the same reasons as you: the perfection of it and the over all goal. Then I tried some jumpers on Cosmo a bit, and turns out I much prefer the tighter turns and quick decisions (although I still keep it low so as not to freak out too much). I tend to pick too much on a long approach and with jumpers there aren’t many of those. Plus the quick and tight turns require that I stay back, which is what I am always trying to remember. Cosmo is pretty good at them too, so that helps.
    I think you guys will have fun bending and turning around some jumper courses!

  9. Have fun! I think a lot of what you apply in Hunterland translates to jumpers, and vice versa. If anything it will make you a more well rounded rider and get your horse some different exposure! And who know…you might just want to cross over to the dark side permanently. After all there is a lot of satisfaction in riding a jumper course well and winning by being efficient/smart versus just getting around it and surviving and/or flying like a madman like I see a lot of people doing!

  10. Go for it! Me and you will be faking it in the jumper ring together 😉 And by faking it I mean walking by the hunter ring on our way to the jumpers, wishing our horses could just magically become those uber fancy $$$ hunter ponies!

  11. The Jumper ring is fun 🙂 I learned a lot there with Carlos. It’s all about track once you figure out track your Hunters and Eq courses become a lot better and most of the time you end up doing well in Jumpers too without looking like a crazy run away!

  12. When i was a teenager i showed both hunters and jumpers. Jumpers was always my favorite! Have a great time, sometimes you just need to shake things up a little.

  13. This could be fun! Be careful though, once you slip into jumpers, you may just amble on over to the darkside… and like it 😉

  14. I think this will be fun for you!! And anyway, back when I did jumpers at least, you went in and did a round and if it was clean you got to do the jump off- so your first round is your “hunter-eq-like” round, and then if you feel like challenging yourself you can up the speed/tight turns for the jump-off. Also, your horse learns to go at different paces and listen to you instead of just rush or just go slow. It’s nice for their brains 🙂 Can’t wait to see how you do! I bet it’ll be a blast!

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