OTTB Spotlight – Skye

OTTB Spotlight – Skye

Today I’m happy to bring you a super cute, versatile OTTB… Skye! Skye is owned by Courtney, an awesome blog reader. 🙂 Let’s learn more about him!


What is his registered name? Elsberry (Barn name Skye, showed as “Skye’s the Limit”). He got the name Skye because when we trailered him home from the sale barn there was a gorgeous sunset sky for most of the ride home.

Lineage? Sire: That’s a Nice, Dam: Hugit Tuff (nothing famous)


Did your OTTB race? Yes, he raced from a two year old to an eight year old. He made $56,176 in career earnings. I can’t believe he stayed sound racing that long. No bows, no pin fires etc. They must have really cared and loved him, especially if they kept him racing that long… I hope…


What do you do with him now? He’s happily retired living a life of eating lots of grass. I ride him occasionally just walking around bareback. He had a career ending injury when he was 21 to his knee (pasture accident). I’m blessed to have owned him since he was 8 and have so many wonderful years with him. He is now 23, soon to be 24.


Your OTTB is on a desert horsey island. He can bring three items – what are they? A pasture buddy, me or someone who will feed him, and lots of treats!!

Your OTTB is deathly afraid of …The vet, he forgets all his training and runs over everyone and anything when the vet comes.


Your OTTB is really brave about … Jumping, new environments, horse shows. He was always a consistent steady eddy that I could depend on day in and day out. I just loved going to the barn and knowing he would be happy to be worked and ridden. I can still hop on him bareback after not being ridden or months and he’s just happy to walk around.


If your OTTB could change one thing about his environment or training, what would it be? I think he wishes I could ride him more, but I can’t change that. I have to keep him healthy and sound with a severely arthritic knee.


How would your OTTB introduce himself to a new herd of horses? He is very inquisitive, curious and friendly towards others. Funny story, he was always low on the totem pole at my trainer’s barn in his pasture. When I brought him to college with me he had to be put on private turn out. He beat up one horse so bad it had to have a drain put in his neck, along with other horses getting beat up by him. Whenever I brought him home for winter/summer breaks he went back to the bottom of the pecking order!


And finally, my OTTB makes me proud everyday because … This wonderful OTTB took me from Long Stirrup all the way to Adult hunters. He was such a versatile animal that I could take him fox hunting one weekend, a pony club rally the next weekend , and then a hunter/jumper show the next. He was such a willing and happy OTTB. He is my EVERYTHING! 🙂


Want to submit your OTTB to be featured on this blog? e-mail me answers to this set of interview questions and some pictures to be featured, and maybe next time you check She Moved to Texas your horse will be featured as the OTTB Spotlight of the week!

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  1. This is a great series and Skye looks like such a good guy 🙂 I need to tell my barn mate to check out your blog, she has a baby OTTB and they’re just having so much fun together!

  2. I really like these blog segments, but if you wouldn’t mind me giving some input. Along with featuring an OTTB, if you could also feature a rescue for OTTBs, an OTTB for sale, or an OTTB in need of help/rescuing that would be helpful. Right now I’m looking for a horse, and I know a lot of other people are too. If you were to feature horses for sale on your blog as well I think you could help them find new homes or better homes. A lot of people in the horse community know who you are and respect your opinion, so if you did a little research then I think you could really help those horses find their place

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