Meet Gatsby Pony!

Meet Gatsby Pony!

It’s official – I have a new pony to lease, and I love him!

When I bought Teaspoon in Nov 2010, I had a definite type in mind for the kind of horse I wanted. Either a big bodied QH, Warmblood, or Draft Cross. A slow minded gelding. Not reactive, and a definite “push” ride. Of course, sometimes our horses get hurt and then we don’t have thousands of dollars to replace them with fat fancy Warmbloods. I started riding the schooling horses at my awesome barn in Austin, which are almost all exclusively OTTB’s. It took a little getting used to going from a Draft horse to a Thoroughbred Jumper, but I’ve learned to really appreciate them for what they are. And so now, we have Gatsby!

He is owned by an adult rider at the barn who is also a mom, and is having schedule constraints getting out to ride often.  We have opposite schedules with riding times, so I’m doing a partial lease on him!  Gatsby is a talented OTTB and a barn favorite, so I’m feeling pretty lucky to have the chance to ride him and hopefully start showing in the spring.  That being said, it’s going to take a little getting used to for me.  Observe the following:

Teaspoon & Gatsby: A Comparison

So there are a lot of differences, but one big common factor:  I will love them both, feed them cookies, and they will help me as a rider.  Teaspoon gave me my confidence back, and I’m confident Gatsby will challenge me and push me forward in my riding.  I’m ready for it, and can’t wait to put in a lot of hard work before and during show season… that and shopping for new saddle pads.  I love cute saddle pads.

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