Good Intentions

Good Intentions

Sometimes you go to the barn to hack your horse.

Sometimes you go to the barn to mostly ignore your horse because a sweet adorable little puppy has captured your heart.

This is a story about the later.

I don’t know the full story, but someone dropped an approx eight-week-old female lab mix puppy at our barn this week.  When my trainer put the pictures of her on Facebook, I kind of melted.

Okay, I seriously melted.

I also shamelessly begged asked politely all day if my husband would consider the puppy.  We had been talking about getting a third dog for a while, because our Boston is getting older and our Springer is middle aged… surely a younger dog would keep the household fresh and alive!  After looking at a few puppies through a local rescue, we decided it would be best to wait for my husband to finish with his graduate degree.

Then my this puppy showed up.


After having a rational discussion with my husband, we agreed that it still was probably not a good time to get the puppy.  Someone had inquired with my trainer already, and surely the cute little puppy was in no danger of finding a home fast.

Then I went to the barn and saw her.

And she was skinny…

And she had a wormy belly…

And she had fleas…

And it was thundering off in the distance…

You see where this is going.

I got a tentative ‘yes’ from the husband, with the agreement that we would do a 48 hour trial and if it was a really bad idea we would adopt her out.  About 4 hours into this, she was asleep in his arms.


So, meet Pascale.  Formally she is Pascael 5S, because instead of the new phone I was supposed to get today – I got a puppy.  I think it’s much better this way 🙂


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  1. Oh. So. Cute. A puppy is way better than a phone. I’ve gotten my last three dogs in a similar fashion…it all works out 🙂

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