I hate sovereign bank, but I love my horse.

I hate sovereign bank, but I love my horse.

I hate Sovereign Bank.  Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.  It’s a long story why I hate them, and I’m too fuming with hatred to actually go into it.  So I’m just going to put keywords on my blog so that they might show up on google.  It’s a passive attack sure, but it’s going to make me feel better.

Sovereign bank has horrible customer service.

My Boston Terrier is not smart, but even she knows not to bank with Sovereign bank.

Sovereign bank is only good for punching their rude yankee customer service representatives in the face.

See, already feel better.  Another thing that makes me feel better is a really dark video of my horse taken… well in the dark.  He’s being really good, with some er… minor adjustments back into working life.  Mostly, he thinks it’s great fun to gallop back to the barn and then be done with work for the day.  If he doesn’t get his way, he likes to throw his body in the direction that he wants to go in and will throw a few bucks.  The good news is, I can stop the bulging really easily by just straightening out his shoulders and legging him over the back direction.  The bad news is, my leg muscles are really weak so the more tired he gets the more he tries to do this and the more tired I get.  Still, it’s getting better and I feel confident enough in my riding abilities to start him on the right path.

As for the bucking, I think it’s just a bit of spoiled / brattiness under saddle.  This horse doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body.  If I take care to sit up straight and make sure I carry my weight down in my heels he doesn’t really try anything, and when he does try to buck it’s small and short lived.  I just make him continue working again.  I think the key with him is not to let him stop when he wants to stop, whether that’s from bulging or bucking or whatever.  He can stop when he’s moving forward nice and well and I decide it’s time to slow down.  He’ll get there, he’s adorable.

So you have proof, here’s a really bad quality video where I cut Tsp’s head off most of the time.  It’s a bit hard to lunge a horse, keep him moving forward with a lunge whip and hold a video camera… in the dark.  Better videos to come, Tim said he’d come out and video me sometime… maybe this weekend.

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