Hot Gray Summer

Hot Gray Summer

First off, I appreciate all the support from my baby horse blues last week. Even though I know it’s my blog and I’m technically allowed to whine, it feels pretty ridiculous to be all, Woe is me! My horse that I am fortunate to have and even more fortunate to have in a training program isn’t progressing as fast as I want him to! Wah wah wah.

But you know, that’s how it goes sometimes. At least I’m honest?

We had a really nice hack on Saturday morning, even though I kept it to walk/trot since it rained a lot the day before and the arena was partially dried out though. But that was fine, because he worked so hard that week. Keeping things to walk/trot allowed me to really concentrate on getting the bend right (or more right I should say). I’d have media, but I forgot to charge my newly-bought Pivo. Maybe tonight is the I get it working.

During my whining, Dom mentioned that Poet looked like a different horse than when I got him. I tend to agree, for a lot of reasons, but of course most noticeable is his coloring. So I thought it’d be a nice time to show a gray progression update. This is the first horse I have pictures of of most of his life, so it’s neat to track how he’s changed. He’s shedding out beautifully (even though he hates all the currying), and I feel like this is going to be our best year of dapples before they start to fade. I might have to splurge and get some black background photos this summer to document.

February 27th, 2015. Minutes old
2017. 2y/o at Webb Caroll Training Center
November 2017at Doug O’Neill Racing Stables
January 2019 a few months before I bought him, at a private farm. Almost 4 years old.
May 2019 in California. This was the first time I was allowed to sit on him since our trial ride LOL
September 2019 in Texas. He’s a little wet here.
March 2020. Five years old.
June 2020
June 2020
October 2020. Photo (c) Heather N. Photography
December 2020 (bodyclipped)
April 2021. Six years old

And just for giggles, I tried to take some decent shots of him tacked up after our ride on Saturday. But of course he always wants to follow me everywhere, and loves to “relax” after a ride… so this is what most of them looked like:

April 2021

Behold, my majestic hunter. I know you’re all jealous 😉

5 thoughts on “Hot Gray Summer

  1. haha and here i was thinking charlie had the ‘goofy socially-awkward horse pose” market corned LOL! for real tho, the fleetingly temporary nature of those steel gray dapples is the most unfair tragedy in horses and nobody will ever change my mind about that

  2. When I first met my Arabian as a four-year-old, he had the most perfect pink, rosy dapples all over his little butt. He was a rich red chestnut as a foal, and the effect was just divine! Even his mane was a silvery red. Now he’s a little white unicorn with a few sad little rose dapples clinging to his butt. I dig the white unicorn look, but the rose dapples were too cute.

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