CTHJA Year End – Friday

CTHJA Year End – Friday

Doing some quick micro blogging during the show 🙂

Friday I got in first, got our stalls unlocked and put out shavings while trying to calm my spaniel down from his worried mania. I guess my springer (my buddy for the weekend) forgot what shows are like since it’s been so long. He kept wanting to go back to the car… Sorry buddy, were here all weekend – but I digress!



Lunged Simon for a bit but could only trot since that particular warm up ring is small and has giant metal pilings in the middle of it. He may have run into the piling… Twice… We are special.


Changed clothes, and bundled up lots if layers because Texas decided it should be 36 and raining this weekend. The good news is that the show is indoors, but the bad news is that I’m showing in the not heated arena. Brrr!

At first he was pretty scared of the ring because it has sheer panels to the outside and it was very cold/windy. He settled pretty quickly though and we jumped around.


The jumps were really intimidating me, but I tried not to ride like they were. I half succeeded. Below is the video of the last course we did.

He was really good – I just need to trust myself. Not sure if I will do the 2’6″ or not but it will be fun all the same 🙂

10 thoughts on “CTHJA Year End – Friday

  1. Wow, what a nice cadenced canter he has. You both look really good! I couldn’t in a million years tell that intimidated you. And he’s such a nice mover!

    Do the 2’6….do it… 🙂 You totally got that!

  2. On behalf of horse show competitors everywhere- thank you for bringing a pen for your dog!

    Too often have I had to deal with loose dogs harassing my horse- or dogs tied loosely enough to be able to block entire aisles with their leashes. If everyone brought small pens or crates for their dogs when not leashed in hand at shows, it would make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

    Cute dog, by the way. Mine are convinced that horses are the devil’s spawn, so they enjoy the cushy city life while I’m at the barn, and question the scent on my clothes after.

  3. You definitely can’t tell you’re intimidated. It’s good to just approach them like you’re not. I hope you feel good enough to do the 2’6, but if not, that’s good too. There’s no sense in pushing yourself to the point of stressing out

  4. You look awesome! Simon and you look in sync and happy. I love the Waco show grounds, they are some of the best I have ever shown at. I second the comment above about you being a great competitor for bringing a pen for your dog!

  5. Your dog is gorgeous!!
    You guys look so good in that video. You could definitely not tell that you were nervous or intimidated by the jumps, it looked like a calm collected round 🙂

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