About Simon

About Simon


“Simon” – 2006 OTTB. Jockey club name “Williebered”

Simon is a Texas bred race horse that quite naturally resides with “Texas” the blogger.  Even though he never technically raced… he still has a lip tattoo so I count him as a OTTB.  In reality, he’s more like a rotated hock that Prohibited his Racing Career Thoroughbred… but who’s counting?

I leased Simon for a month before I was completely smitten with him.  My former trainer, being the amazing person that she is, decided I would be a good owner to him and gave him to me.  It’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me, and I’m extremely grateful!

Now we play hunter/jumper pony, and compete on the local circuits around Austin. He helps me with my confidence, and I feel lucky to have him every day!  He’s made me a better rider, and a better person.


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