My “Freebie”

My “Freebie”

Last month, I wrote a post about free horses in Texas where I was a bit dumbfounded about people wanting everything for nothing or throwing horses away that were no longer valuable.  I received the following comment from Liz on that post:

I think it would be really neat if you did a “part II” response post to this one where you have tallied the # hours you rode/trainer rode, # hours at barn not riding, # vet visits, # shows attended, places obtained at the show, and sum total $$ spent in only one month on Simon. Add any other necessary fact blippets along the way. Maybe it would help someone to see that kind of information. :-\

So in my spare time one night, I did just that – I calculated how much I have spent on Simon since moving to my current barn last May.  I cringed, and then saved the note on my phone never to be heard of again.

Then Sprinkler Bandit wrote this post asking how much our horses cost us and I remembered my tally.  I commented on this post that Simon cost me $0, which as we all know is far from the truth.  So I dug up my expense tally from last month and cringed (again).  Though I have no interest in y’all (or my husband… or my father) knowing exactly how much I have spent on Sir Simonpants, I will provide some infographics that I think shed some light on his upkeep.

The moral of the story is… to get something you can show and do okay with, you either pay up front or you pay later (usually both).

First, we have to house our pony in a place that has a lighted arena and safe facilities.


And of course there are his feetsies, we don’t do any special bells and whistles here…


One should note I’m rather behind on current films.  Viva la Netflix!  The final “must do” for Simon’s basic care is of course the vet.


After basic care, come the optionals… like the new saddle I needed to get this year to fit his highness’ straight back.


Note:  I’m not sure it’s physically possible to eat that many breakfast tacos in one year… but I digress.  Then I have to get training rides to improve the rideability and value of my creature.


Without training rides, I feel the need to drink substantially more alcohol… so there is that.  Plus we need lessons so I don’t ride my newly trained horse like a nincompoop.


P.S. If you haven’t got a pair of rainbow sandals, you aren’t living… but I doubt you will need 60 of them.  Finally, there’s the all important horse showing!  What’s the point of all those lessons and training if we can’t go pay a lot of money to compete against children for satin ribbons?


You may be thinking, “Wow these are really random comparisons Lauren,” but when I started to do things like “Dinners out” or “Plane tickets to Japan” I was worried my husband would find this list and realize all the cool stuff we could do if we didn’t have Simon, and therefore divorce me.

So nail polish and polo shirts it is!

30 thoughts on “My “Freebie”

  1. love this. i will never tally how much my freebie has cost me. i don’t know that i can bear it. i always remember, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” and i need my pony much more than i need food!

  2. LOL this is great (or not?). Kinda like the one time I added up all the money I have into Sadie, because “breeding is cheaper than buying”. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh god, so not funny.

  3. I have an excel sheet.
    It is evil and I make sure it stays on my work computer so my husband doesn’t realize what my ‘pet’ costs us!

  4. Nice… I might steal this idea, except with actual figures, because I’m so broke I don’t care to share- ha! I have no idea what most of these items on this actually cost, so this didn’t really help, except I do know how much horses cost, so I could pretty much figure it out… 😉 This and Sprinkler Bandit’s question would make a great blog hop…

  5. I’m going to use this idea as well…my free horse ended up costing me way more than just buying what I wanted from the start. He was great, but not sure I’d do it over!

  6. Well… at least he was free to begin with! Mine wasn’t, and I don’t think my infographics would look much different from yours, haha <3

  7. Love it! And I definitely wondered about the random comparisons until the bottom, then laughed a lot and nodded in agreement with your reasoning. Comparing to things like this is not only creative, but it probably would help folks who don’t understand or aren’t frightened by numbers to sit back and really say, “Wow.” Thinking about all of those other things in mass quantity just makes you go, “Well damn.”

    Thanks for following up! I’m afraid to do it for my guys haha.

  8. It is always scary to add our costs up. The only reason I could openly blog about the costs of Thermal this year is because a) my husband never reads the blog and b) somehow I’ve convinced him it’s all worth it.

    Hope he still feels that way when we’re working our way through retirement!!

  9. As you know, I very publicly blogged about each penny that I spent on my boys in one year (—karens-blog/category/horses%20are%20expensive). It was a horribly embarrassing experience, and yes, both my husband and dad were able to see what my “hobby” was costing me. I like your method MUCH better. When you say taco, I think 99 cents. When you say movie ticket, I imagine matinees at the cheap theater – $3.00. See? Owning horses is a lot cheeper than we all claim. :0)

  10. I paid $900 for my rescue horse but then there was the $5,000 in medical expenses within the first three months. I stopped focusing on the cost of Queenie immediately after that. Like the commercial says, “time with Queenie, priceless.”

  11. I love the comparisons! It really puts how much we spend and the things we give up to be able to have horses into perspective. I really want to do this, but I don’t even know where to start with the three dressage horses, the pony-horses, the syndicate horses, and the racehorses that I actually own (obviously I can’t use client horses since we make money off of them). On second thought, I’m not even sure I want to know. It’ll just remind me that I can’t afford the alcohol to drink that would be necessary to come up with a way to justify it all.

  12. Wow. I love this. I am doing this. I keep track of my expenses as well, and I cringe every time I look at it and think about the life I could be leading instead of this one, but who needs a mustang convertible anyway 😛

  13. And then there are people like me who have paid only $500 for their horse, only pay for feed (board is free), have only had basic maintenance needed for their cheap horse (or barter out for it), and haven’t needed to buy any fancy new anything. But I have paid for it a thousand times over in emotional distress instead of money, trying to figure out how to get my cheap crazy horse to be somewhat less crazy and somewhat more rideable!

  14. LOL, great post. I’m sure if I could get all the money I’ve spent on horses over the years back I would be pretty stinking rich. Oh well!

  15. My mom always told me as a kid that they could afford to buy me the horse, they couldn’t afford to keep it. Truer words were never spoken.

  16. I LOVE this post! And I LOVE Rainbow sandals! I also LOVE your reasoning for comparisons at the bottom- I bought my husband a pair of Rainbow sandals and he never wears them. He was no idea how expensive they were.

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