Things I Do When I’m Sad About My Horse

Things I Do When I’m Sad About My Horse

I have officially moved past utter despair (woe is me) and somewhat into acceptance and action plan mode.  This is a big improvement, and I can assure you that my husband is probably the most excited.

Pre-acceptance, I usually cry and pout and think the worst for about the first 24 hours.  I know we all have our coping mechanisms for bad news – well here’s mine.


Buy a bunch of dog toys online at Amazon for my non-lame furbabies.  Read reviews that include “Woof!  I wuffed this toy!” and put too many things in my cart.  Tell husband that he’s not allowed to give them the new toys until I get home, “because they’re from Mommy.”


Play Cookie Jam.  It’s like Candy Crush, but way better.  Trust me on this one.  There’s a French panda and he goes “Oooo la la!” and says French sayings to you in a cartoon voice.  Very uplifting.

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Look at photos on Facebook from the North American National model horse show going on right now.  Contemplate how it’s almost impossible for a model horse to go lame, and if they do significantly cheaper and quicker to repair.

Try to remember my co-workers are not horse people.  Try to refrain from telling someone, “Now is not a good time to go over the production schedule.  I am eating my feelings because my horse is b-u-s-t-e-d.”  Say it anyway, because they should know your pain.  (This really happened… no, I do not suggest it)


Watch every single Gordon Ramsay show on hulu.  How are they so many?  Why am I not tired of Gordon Ramsay yelling yet?  Why am I eating rice and veggies for dinner instead of beef Wellington?  Could I get good enough at cooking to try out for Masterchef while Simon recovers?

That was a summary of my first 24 hours.  The acceptance phase is far more constructive… but that’s another post!


24 thoughts on “Things I Do When I’m Sad About My Horse

  1. Our pre-acceptance phases are nearly identical. After the SF HT & being told that I’m over-horsed and suck at riding from various sources, I kind of shut down. I compensated by buying my dogs treats & a new halter for Fiction + lots of junk food (a whole package of cookies and lots of beer) + video games + every single episode of Master Chef Junior & the current season 5 episodes of regular Master Chef. Gordon Ramsay = <3.

      1. I wanted Dara to win! Alexander shouldn’t have even made it to the finals imo. That should have been Jack up there with Dara 🙂 And omg Courtney is just ugh. I do like Leslie though and everyone seems to hate him too 🙁

        1. OMG, I totally agree — I cannot STAND Courtney! She is a pain in the neck, completely smarmy. I don’t mind Leslie, but I like Francis the Scot better, if only for entertainment value!

          I wished Dara would have won too.

          Me? I have not only been eating my feelings and watching MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen, but also ALL THE EPISODES of Top Chef. I’ve started having dreams about having to do a quickfire challenge and being so far out of my depth … stress much? 🙂 Any bets on who’ll win HK?

          1. Don’t really like Leslie. Not impressed by him yelling at the (stuck up) 18 y/o kid. I like Big Willie!!

            Also love Top Chef. Paul Qui (Season 9 winner) is a big deal in Austin, and I’ve eaten at the place he was executive chef at while he was on the show several times. For HK, I think it’ll be Rochelle or Joy 😉

    1. The dog thing is ironic, because when my dogs were biting each other’s eye balls out I would go to the barn and be like, “Oh Simon, you’re so easy to deal with!” hahaha

  2. I totally feel you!! When we were going through the Cushing’s diagnosis/PSSM/omg-my-pony-is-ruined-for-LIFE thing, I would just mope around and cry and watch bad TV. You’re allowed.

  3. There is something slightly cathartic about watching Gordon Ramsey shows. Kind of love him, in a weird way.

    I tend to go the opposite way with my woe-is-me days… National Velvet, for non-horsey issues, otherwise it’s too much, or Sound of Music for everything else- only up until the Intermission so there’s no Nazi stuff. Yeah- basically I cope like an 8 year old girl.

  4. Hang in there!
    My response to stress has always been sleep. I can barely stay awake during an arguement. How weird is that?!

    P.S.That dog toy with the squirrels is AMAZING.

  5. I am definitely a shop for the dog when the horse is broke kinda gal. But when life spirals the horsey retail therapy is what kills my wallet. For instance… My 2 or maybe 3 pair of TS pants and socks from TFHT, the personally preppy monograms I just bought… Houston’s new hackamore. Because I definitely needed one of those?

    And as for comfort tv. I get hooked on a show (usually a crime drama) and marathon until my eyeballs bleed. Coping is coping.

  6. Ermahgherd! MasterChef. Ermahgherd! Hell’s Kitchen. I love watching Gordon Ramsay yell at people. It makes my day seem like it was way less stressful than those people’s. 😉

  7. I wallow by eating my feelings and watching a disgusting amount of Netflix… and contemplating retail therapy. Because we all know vet bills are cheap and that I should spend more money.

  8. I tend to buy my husband things, mainly to make up for the random crying outbursts. Often I will go on a progressive dinner with myself…sandwich from here…fries from there….a taco here….after gorging cocktail there. Because dammit I want all the good things and no one can stop me.

  9. I’ve so been spending the morning on Amazon, browsing for stuff for myself! I’m in OMG I stink at riding, I fell off AGAIN and ended up in the ER AGAIN, and everyone thinks I should quit but I’m not sure I want to, OMG I think I’ll just buy more stuff for my GoPro/dog/cat mode.

    I’m a GR fan too! He’s my go-to guy when I’m feeling down and just want to veg on the sofa.

    If I’m not giving myself retail therapy then I’m randomly crying and wrapping up in my favorite blanket with chewy chips ahoy and pepsi.

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