The Wishlist Game

The Wishlist Game

I hit a wall Friday afternoon at work, and may or may not have spent time building out a SmartPak wishlist.  Typically, I’m not a online window shopper, but with my massive lack of shopping I was really having the itch to “purchase” some things.

My rules for adding things to the list were as follows:

  • Only things I really needed/wanted (aka not a dressage saddle or a halter for every single occasion possible)
  • Things I realistically planned to buy/acquire in the future

Some things weren’t all that inspirational, like  a nice pair of gloves and a cheapy softshell coat.



Other items weren’t exciting, but necessary (at least necessary for my peace of mind).  Is my horse less likely to break if I put more things on his legs?



The most exciting stuff to put on the list is the super over the top items that I will probably end up getting in a million years, but still want to look at how pretty they are now.




After I picked out all my selections, then I took the fantasy further and totaled the cost of my wishlist.  I realized that if I didn’t…

  • Eat
  • Drive anywhere
  • Pay any bills (who needs electricity?)
  • Skipped board

I could afford all my wants in one month!  Hahahaha.  So how long would it take you to get your wishlist fulfilled… minus some of those pesky details 😉

28 thoughts on “The Wishlist Game

  1. I only have a couple things on my wishlist right now, totaling a fair amount (1/3rd the price of my saddle). That’s about how much I pay each month in student loans, so I guess if I didn’t have those payments I could nab all my stuff in a month!

    I like the looks of that softshell btw!

  2. I am swooning for the EcoGold Show Pad and trying to convince myself that I show enough to need it in my life.

    Also need a new pair of gloves since the Ariat Air Grip gloves I JUST BOUGHT are already splitting at the seam. And while I’m at it, there’s a Baker fly sheet sitting in an online cart somewhere. #thingsidontneed

    But! Thanks to you and your Personally Preppy post, I’m the proud owner of a monogrammed crop. Freaking love that thing. Thanks for the reco!


  3. Pretty sure my full wishlist would encompass at least half a year’s salary. Maybe only 3-4 months if I was on the conservative side. Having expensive taste in an already expensive sport really sucks when you’re poor.

    Like a couple custom coats, 3-4 more pairs of Animo breeches, a couple pair of TS, a pair of Aztec Diamond breeches, many more Kastel sun shirts, a bunch of Ogilvy stuff, some custom Equifit D-Teq boots for the pony, two pairs of Eiki customs for me (me saying Eiki instead of Tucci is me being conservative. Be impressed.), some Le Fash, some Winston, some Equiline, a custom Samshield, CWD breastplate, a bridle or two, a few more pairs of Roeckl’s, custom scrim and wool cooler for Henry and Sadie, a crapton more custom bonnets, etc etc. Also a lifetime supply of fly spray and liniment and salt blocks would be great because I’m tired of buying it constantly.

    1. Ooo, wouldn’t it be awesome to just have a hose hookup at the barn that just sprayed a liniment/water mixture directly? If I was rich and building my own barn, I would so try to make that happen.

  4. Pffft, you definitely don’t need electricity.

    If I cracked down on saving up my monthly allotment of fun money, I could probably knock out the wishlist in six months. It’s not full of TOO much stuff, although a new pair of tall boots is certainly at the top!

    1. Same, my boots are ripping my heels these days. I’m hoping to splurge on my first pair of tall boots before this month is out.
      As for my wishlist, I’d have to have not bought an apartment & second horse to afford it. As it stands I have only tripled my expenses – teehee.
      Top of my equine wishlist are new saddles for the girls – so it’ll be a good while before those can be purchased #firstworldproblems

  5. Yeah. If I didn’t have to pay board or rent or bills for a month I’d be solid, too. I’ve started taking all the cash tips I get from my once weekly bartending stint and putting them in a jar. Fun horse expenses like tack and clothes and otherwise may ONLY be purchased if there are funds in that jar available. No extraneous spending!

  6. Sometimes I’ll enter a month and just be like, “What harm would it REALLY do if I just paid zero bills this month? Think of all the good things I could buy!”

    Then I realize that’s not being a responsible adult. Ughhhh, responsibility sucks!

  7. My wish list includes a truck and custom trailer. (Note: my SUV and Hubby’s pickup both tow just fine…but I *want* a new one.) If we forgo things like mortgage and food and board – sorry pretty pony – we could totally pay them both off in a year 🙂

  8. With my birthday approaching, I’ve began leaving our shared laptop open to various shopping carts full of goodies! I’ll see how that works out for me. 🙂

  9. I did that last night too… it got a bit outrageous at $11,000. I literally went into every SmartPak category and sorted items from highest to lowest price.

    It included an Antares saddle, hunter bridle, figure 8, hunter girth, belly guard (if I have this much money to spend on horse things, I must obviously also have a grand prix jumper), drool-worthy show clothes, a custom dress sheet monogrammed “I am very rich”, 2 pairs of DeNiros, and all the other things I would buy once I marry a wealthy man 😉

    Being as I’m 15 and not old enough to have a real job, it would take me a couple years to pay for that. Or I could start smuggling drugs, you know. Haha just kidding!

      1. No worries, I’ve watched enough Orange is the New Black to realize that being stuck in a woman’s prison with creepy lesbians wouldn’t be my cup of tea lol

  10. Looks like my current wish list would take a month without annoying things like bills (take away taxes too and I’d really have a party). I want a new saddle so bad!!! Unfortunately the current reality is NEVER! And why does my deposit with the cable company make more interest than my savings account? That’s messed up!

  11. Window shopping online is waaaay safer than going to Dover and attempting to window shop. Not that I’d ever do that, lol!

  12. I think my work should give me some extra pay checks so I can go on a shopping spree!!

    I think we are going to do to Menlo Charity Horse show this week and I told hubby I am buying a present for myself – something nice 🙂

  13. I don’t even dare. Window shopping is a budget killer for me because then I immediately jump to finding the most inexpensive ways possible to acquire ALL THE THINGS.

    I have pretty much everything I need right now. If I don’t know about new cool things, I can’t want them.

    But I do know about Ogilvy covers.

    And baby pads.

    >.< It gets out of hand in a hurry.

  14. A trailer ($14k) is definitely on my wish list. Other then that, I don’t need anything and I’m trying to be pickier about wanting everything 😉

  15. It would take so long! But I am so guilty of making wish lists online. One of my favorites to do is start off from scratch. I mean buy EVERYTHING I need for my poneh and I. Even with a reasonably priced wish list the end price tag is insane! It really makes me appreciate what I have now.

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