The Eq Diet

The Eq Diet

Fact: I am in better shape than I was one year ago.

Also Fact: I have a long way to go.

The “Eq Diet” is actually a really, really bad title for this post because I’m concerned about fitness, not weight.  Even though I need to lose weight, I’ve come to the realization fairly recently that… I’m not ugly.  I don’t look awful.  I’m not meant to be a size 2.  These are good things to realize for someone who has been overweight almost her whole life!

On the flip side, I also realized that I couldn’t run a mile without stopping right now if my life depended on it.  I can’t ride 20 minutes straight without stirrups.  I couldn’t hold a two point without stirrups.  These are bad things.  I need to be able to do these things.

So it’s fitness time folks.  Insert your choice of Fergie song here.


I was struggling with how exactly to embark on my quest for fitness.  There are no good gyms close enough to where I live that I knew I would go consistently before work, and working out at lunch is not an option if I want to do cardio because my face turns red like a tomato and I am a heavy head sweater and really it’s just not good for anyone to be around me after I work out unless I have ample time to shower and cool off.   At first I thought Couch to 5k, but I hate running with a passion and have tried that and given up before.  But then while reading a weight loss blog I enjoy, I discovered Fitness Glo.

It’s a subscription based (a reasonable $12/mo) video service with tons and tons of workout videos.  Moderate cardio?  Yup.  Abs?  Absolutely.  Stretching?  Of course.  Ass kicking cardio?  No problem.

So I signed up for the free trial, and started this Monday in the middle of the 8 week “Beginner” program.  The cardio workout I did was 20 minutes long, got me adequately gross and sweaty, and had a lot of lunges…. so I felt like it was a good choice for an equestrian workout.

The goal is for me to hit 3 hours a week exercising to these videos in addition to my normal riding routine.  I know I won’t drop to 105 lbs, but I’m hoping to get stronger and leaner and become a better rider for Simon.  What do you do outside the barn to work on fitness?  Also appreciate any tips for not doing my trademark move – giving up!

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  1. Weight has absolutely nothing to do with fitness… and sometimes not even health. I’m blessed to naturally be 5’4″ and 115 pounds and can barely gain weight if I try. HOWEVER, THAT DOES NOT MEAN I AM HEALTHY OR FIT! First of all, I definitely can’t run a mile. In fact, I run a fourth of a mile and black out. Furthermore, last year I had pretty high cholesterol and at a recent doctor’s visit I had pretty high blood pressure too… like seriously high. (I’m praying it was the week straight of Mucinex D, which apparently can raise blood pressure, and being stressed and sick and not a real thing…).

    Anyway, last summer I started to get into shape for the American Eventing Championships. I knew I sucked at cardio but was tired of being out of breath mid-way through my cross country course. I started walking around my neighborhood, then I started walking and only jogging up this one big hill in my neighborhood. Slowly, that hill got easier and easier, until I could keep jogging when I got to the top… and eventually jog all the way from my house to the end of my neighborhood and back! And at the end of my cross country courses, I was finally NOT out of breath!

    And then winter kicked in and I lost all fitness, so I’m getting ready to kick my butt back in gear too! The last time I had my cholesterol checked was pre getting fit last season, so I’m hoping to get fit again and then have another check up, interested to see if it helps my health as well.

    Anyway, proud of you for focusing on FITNESS instead of just weight, I think if you focus on being fit and healthy the weight will take care of itself in a healthy way. Good luck sticking with it! That’s the hardest part!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story! It’s nice to hear that all different kinds of people struggle with fitness and personal health. I think it can be easy for an overweight person to fall into the mindset that if someone is skinny then they must have things much easier. We all have different struggles!

      1. Every time I go to the doctor or hospital and say I’m not fit, they absolutely scoff at me. Its definitely a culture idea that skinny=fit and that’s just not true. I really believe everyone has a “healthy” weight where they feel their best and their body works in peak condition. I’m just glad you’re trying to focus on that, and wish you the best of luck! It’s tough!

  2. Congratulations for focusing on fitness, not weight. I have no tips – I need to get in better cardio shape too. My fitness routine is barn work. I can muck stalls all day, lift buckets, etc. But run any distance? No way.

  3. Good luck! I don’t have any tips either cause I suck at fitness. You know I’m naturally pretty small, but I am in terrible shape. I get out of breath super easy and have lost a ton of my muscles. 🙁 I keep sayin I’m gonna get back into shape but I never do cause I always have too much on my plate! I did recently find a program that I’d like to try. It’s called Ttapp and supposedly it takes just minutes a day.

    1. I’ll have to check out that app. The fitness glo has different times you can choose, but I’m trying to stick to 20-30 min a day.

  4. Hi Lauren,
    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a bit, and this post really sums up how I feel about riding and fitness in general. I’d love to be a more fit rider i.e. be able to post without stirrups without turning beet red. I look forward to learning about your fitness pursuits. I started a big step toward a better me last week and gave up Dr. Pepper—no small feat for a native Texan 😉
    Thanks for the inspiration, and best of luck!

  5. Ohhh.. I love the dedication to fitness! I think, for me, it helps to have the family involved. I would have given up on some of the crazy fitness stuff I do (like when we did Insanity twice and then did Asylum or how we’ve started lifting weights) if my husband hadn’t been so keen on doing those things.

    I also think it’s important to mix it up so you don’t get bored. The video subscription should definitely help with that! I get incredibly bored with some of my routines, so when I feel that boredom coming on, I try to switch it up so I don’t get burned out.

    Good luck! (I can run a mile, but I can’t hold 2-point without stirrups or ride for 20 without them, either!)

  6. You defi need a support system and also totally changing your perceptions. I used to be the kind of person if I skipped the gym once I was embarrassed to go back, which just led to more failure. Now if I miss it, I know life gets hectic, and missing a couple times isn’t a failure unless I just stop going, as long as I pick up where I left off even if its just 10mins of exercise versus 30mins or an hour, its just that consistency that helps!

    I’ll be here to root you on because I know how awesome it is to have a fitness cheerleader!

    1. Thanks! I will definitely need a cheerleader. Am thankful that husband is on board and working on fitness in his own way, so it’s not like he wants to eat junk all the time in our house.

  7. I am in the same boat! I don’t really enjoy any type of exercising except riding — but I did find these Jillian Michaels DVDs (I think it’s called the 30 Day Shred) that are 20 minutes that I can do at my house. You just need some small hand weights and that’s it!

    Make sure to keep us updated on any tips or ticks you find that work for you!

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