Texan Blog Stats

Texan Blog Stats

I’ve had this blog for going on three years now, and it’s been through some changes.  At first I wrote about whatever I wanted, which was fun but hard to really build an audience wen one day you have a blog post about evil rat bastards and the next day it’s all i luff my pony!

There have also been periods of blogging hiatus, as long as 6 months at times, but now that I’ve focused it on just the horses and have a content updating schedule I feel pretty good about things.  Being a web marketing professional in my real life (and work being really slow today), I decided to pull some numbers.

About You, the Visitors

  • – ShemovedtoTexas has had 20,000+ pageviews since its inception
  • – Over 9,300 unique visitors have come to this site
  • – Visitors have come from 124 different countries including countries I’ve never heard of like Mauritius, Macau, Kazakhstan (BORAT!!!!!!!!!) and Kyrgyzstan… but to be fair most of the far away countries have a 100% bounce rate.
  • – The longest visits by a non-native English speaker are German – Wilkommen!

Most Popular Blog Posts

A rather eclectic mix of topics for sure. My favorite analytic stats to go over however, are organic search keywords (SEO).  Sure, most of mine are for the ribbon quilt post but there are some REALLY strange things people search that get them to this site.

My favorite SEO terms for SheMovedtoTexas

  • Big Bird Goes to the Hospital
  • Go Glitz or Go Home
  • I hate Sovereign Bank
  • Are jumpers cheaper than hunters
  • Hunter jumper riders vs everything else
  • I don’t want no pickle
  • Its all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits
  • Make my horse a push button
  • “lost my arms”
  • Average engagement period in Mexico
  • Big bad poopypants horses
  • I thought Dr Pepper was a dentist
  • Married to horse


I think it’s official – I need to write a future blog post called ‘Big Bad Poopypants Horse’.  In fact, maybe that should be Simon’s new show name?

Thanks to all those that visit, read, and comment on this blog.  It’s ya’ll that make it fun to write and enjoy!

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  1. Wow…interesting. Glad you focused in horses and I think Big Bad Poopypants may work perfectly for a lead line pony!

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