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BT’s Attack – 1 Year After


One year ago, my little fur family got turned upsidown when my springer spaniel, Eliot, attacked our elderly Boston Terrier, BT.  As a result of the attack, BT had several puncture wounds in her head and damage to her eye.  Though we worked closely with an emergency vet and our regular vet, after a week we decided it was in BT’s best interest to have …

Life With an Elder BT


I haven’t talked much about BT lately, which is a travesty.  Last time I left off with her story, we were having her damaged eye removed.  That surgery went well despite her age and significant heart murmur, so we were pleased and thought the entire situation would be behind us. Then several weeks later, Eliot attacked her again with no warning.  Her other (aka only) eye …

Selfie Sunday – Goodbye to the Eye


Selfie Sunday could almost be totally re-named to BT Sunday… but it’s time for another BT update.  I was hoping to have really good news regarding her eye, but I really don’t.  It started going downhill Friday afternoon.  Tim took her to the vet Saturday morning, and we’ve scheduled a removal this coming Tuesday. I’ve kept pictures out of these posts for various reasons, but …