SMTT Blogaversary Winners

SMTT Blogaversary Winners

I had planned to do a formal blog post with all the entries shown and exciting build up, but I drove straight through from TX to NC with husband and three dogs and have been recovering all day.

So, I owe a nicely written show and tell post for y’all which will happen when I’m back from vacation 🙂

What still is exciting though, is I get to announce the winner…

I had five very different entries which were all really creative. In the end, I choose the winner that I felt like embodied the main reason I write this blog every day – to record where I’ve been, where I hope to go, and hopefully help some folks along the way.

That being said, congrats to Tracy of Fly On Over!

Other entrants don’t fret! I loved all the entries so much that I’ll be sending something to each of you 🙂

Can’t wait to share each entry with you when I’m back at a real computer!

2 thoughts on “SMTT Blogaversary Winners

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Lauren — I’m really glad you liked my entry, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else sent in!

    Congrats again on amazing year with SMTT and…


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