Simon Says Please Vote for Us!

Simon Says Please Vote for Us!

This is Simon.  Hi Simon!


Besides looking stellar in his new turnout sheet, he has a little request of you today.  See, I work pretty hard on my his blog keeping content fresh, interesting and relevant for my his readers.  On a bit of a whim, last month I entered She Moved to Texas in the Equestrian Social Media Awards in three categories:

  • Best Use of Social Media by an Amateur Horseperson
  • Best Use of Social Media by a Newcomer
  • Best Blog

All the entries were pulled for each category, and now it’s time for the public to nominate their favorites.


Simon and I are really hoping you’ll nominate us in the three categories above. All you have to do is…

  • Visit the link here
  • Select “She Moved to Texas” in the drop down for each category above
  • Write a comment about why you choose to nominate us!

There’s no prize or bribe for doing this, but frankly I would just be tickled pink to make it to the finals.  Simon says he would be too!


Although part of Simon’s motivation for me making the finals is that I told him they sent the finalists a bundle of carrots… and he loves carrots.  That’s a lie, but it certainly prompted him to make some cute/begging faces for these photos!


Vote for us if you feel we deserve it 🙂  Either way, Simon is going to get some carrots (don’t tell him that, he’s already spoiled).  The judge’s read each comment that goes with a nomination, and use the comments to help pick a “Judge’s Choice” winner… so if you feel compelled to writean awesome little paragraph about why you like my his blog, it certainly won’t go unnoticed! Vote for She Moved to Texas!  Thank y’all 🙂

23 thoughts on “Simon Says Please Vote for Us!

      1. Did the barn suggest the colors, too, or just the brand? I have heard of barns having everything color coordinated but never known anyone who was at one. 🙂 I know the Dover sheets well (Tristan’s is a Rider’s International) and they are quite nice.

  1. I was kind of sad to see that they are doing things differently and not accepting nominations this year…that you have to register and pay a fee? Pretty lame! I am glad you entered…voted!

      1. Well that’s great! Glad you didn’t have to because that would have been lame lol. Must be because it’s later in the start up? Who knows….good luck!!

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