Quit All The Things!

Quit All The Things!

Last week, I publicly declared both my Diet Coke addiction and my desire to quit it entirely.  Since I haven’t ridden my horse much this week due to rain and I have exhausted my brain of engaging blog topics, I figured I’d update you!


The above screenshot was taken Thursday afternoon, so by the time this is published you can add another 18 hours to the tally above.  Woohoo!

For the first few days, it wasn’t so bad.  Sure, I wanted my beloved Diet Coke but I just kinda pushed passed it.  Then Sunday (day 3.5) happened, and I laid on the couch and wished for death all afternoon.  I had a killer headache all day, and nothing I did or took made me feel better.  I haven’t had a drug withdrawal before, but it felt like it might be similar.


At that point, I thought “IS LIFE WORTH LIVING WITHOUT DIET COKE?!?”

My husband may or may not have thought I was being a tad dramatic.


Monday was better, but I still got a caffeine headache in the afternoon and had 0 energy after work.  Tuesday was much of the same, but Wednesday got a little better.  Thursday, exactly one week after I wrote the post, I felt pretty damn okay all day long!

Everyone had great suggestions for me on how to survive this great soda depletion.  I’ve been drinking a lot of sparkling water (La Croix, Dasani and Target brands) that doesn’t contain sweeteners.  For caffeine and eating out situations, I drink iced tea with typically 1/2 sweet with sugar and 1/2 unsweet… but trying to wean off the sugar.  If I’m dying at work, I have a cappucino with sugar or more often, plain hot green tea.


The screenshot at the top of this post was taken from a free iPhone app I downloaded called Quit That!  It’s pretty basic, but it’s been helpful for me to watch the numbers rise as I continue on without my crutch.

With the spirit of quitting things, I also added a few more things in the Quit app.  The first was (shamefully) McDonald’s Breakfast, which is something I love and would routinely grab on my way to work… with a giant $1 Diet Coke of course.  I overate this combination more than I care to admit, so putting it in the quit app was a no brainer.  I also have a very firm estimate of how much money I save by not going to McD’s on the way to work.  When I reach a certain $ of cost saved, I plan to use that amount to buy myself a present that I really covet.


Most recently, I added a third thing to quit – fried foods.  Now unlike Diet Coke, I don’t plan to quit fried delicious noms cold turkey or forever.  However, I know this is a food that I overeat a lot.  My goal is to make it 15-30 days without eating anything fried.  Once I reach that point, I can enjoy something in moderation… and then go back to my counter.  It sounds stupid, but sometimes I just need that visual reminder to let me know that I should get a salad instead of fries!

So that’s my progress and I feel pretty good about it.  I’ve been behaving very well with eating at breakfast and dinner, but blowing it at lunch.  Hope to improve that in the next few weeks and maybe see some numbers move on the scale?  That sure would be nice, because I’m pretty sure I need brown tall boots.

Like, pretty damn sure that’s a need.

Do you think a quit app would help you with anything?

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  1. I don’t comment very often, but I read your blog a lot, & I had to comment on this one! I too, am a (non-diet) Coke head. 🙁 I had my last Coke on New Years eve, & oh man, it IS hard to quit!! I feel your pain!

    BUT… I have lost 20 lbs since I stopped drinking soda, so it is for sure worth it. 🙂

    (ok, I’ve had ONE ginger ale with Fireball.. but that’s it!!) 🙂

    1. Congrats for quitting and staying with it! That’s great 🙂

      I hope I have success like you, because right now I haven’t lost a pound and I’m a tad bit frustrated about it.

      1. How much water are you drinking? Since I quit doing Coke (hee hee!), I’ve been drinking (trying to anyway) at least 3 – 90oz glasses of water a day.. I think that helped with the weight loss. 🙂

  2. I really hate Diet Coke and am terrified of aspartame, so I’m ok there. Fried foods and fast food also tend to upset my stomach, so I avoid those except on very rare occasions. But I am a big lover of desserts – cookies, cake, candy, brownies, you name it. However, I am completely unwilling to quit them.

    1. I’m the same way! I stopped drinking soda when I was a teen (might have been younger) and I stopped eating gluten recently because I found out I have celiac, which means no fried food which made me queasy anyway so I wasn’t eating much of it, but I can’t quit the sugar!! It’s such an awful addiction because it temporarily boosts my mood so it’s self reinforcing. Maybe I should download the app for that? I’m not sure I want to quit though haha. I feel like I’ve given up enough. I’ve given up soda, gum, artificial sweeteners (which was mostly the gum), gluten (bread, cereal, wheat and so on), alcohol (never really drank anyway because it made me sick to my stomach after on glass), fast food (because of the gluten), processed food (because of the gluten), greasy food (it made me sick to my stomach), etc. I’ve even had to cut back on dairy and I’m addicted to cheese. Sugar is that one last thing I’m clinging to and also probably the one thing that would finally cure me of my dietary problems, but it’s so hard to let go. I lost fifteen pounds by cutting out gluten though so that’s awesome and I feel so much better. I have so much more energy and I’m not nauseous 24/7 anymore. Win! Good luck sticking with it Lauren. It’s hard, but it’s totally worth it!

  3. Way to go! I’m kind of in a bad rut right now with eating junk food and drinking way too much starbucks. I would totally use this app and need to find a version for android.

  4. You go girl!!! I had no idea there were quit apps like yours! Like SB said, I kind of want to download one so I can quit something!

  5. CONGRATS! You’re doing really great and glad you got through the headaches! I want to download that app and quit something now too, hehe.

  6. Love that app! I never would have thought to look for something like that. I’ve quit a prescribed drug cold turkey (despite warnings) and it is a lot like what you went through at first. Plus nausea.

    There isn’t anything I want to completely quit. Cutting down on sugar/sweets would come close, but I’d rather just moderate myself that to cut it out completely.

  7. Halfway through reading this article I realized I was drinking my daily Diet Coke. Ha! Cheers on your progress!

    Ive been trying to keep an eye on my caffeine intake, not so much sugar. I eat a ton of fruit every day, and that’s a good bit of natural sugars…. but I am loathe to give up my fruit, as its how I’m keeping my snacking at bay.

    Anyway, I have one mug of coffee in the morning, and one 12oz can of Diet Cokae at lunch, and that’s it. Usually I have water around dinner time, or if I am at a restaurant, unsweetened ice tea. Often, I drink even less caffeine on the weekends, since I am not at work and therefore can be less peppy.

    And it’s funny — I can’t get past this comfortable medium — every time I try to eliminate the Diet Coke, I cant keep my eyes open at work!!

    I bet it’s the aspartame 🙁

  8. Besides the fact that I just spammed your comments section- I love this post. I really should download this app to stop drinking out (starbucks, dutch bros, ect) but it makes me so happy to have something in my hand. I am making my own coffee a lot of the times, and I have done my own tea, but it’s hard when I’m on campus and want it.

  9. When i was laid off the year before, I had to stop eating out, which was nearly every meal. o.o
    I lost 10lbs just by not eating out. I still drank my diet cherry cokes at home and ate what I wanted. But just not adding those tons of extra calories and grease (tho it was mostly a LOT of taco bell which is on the healthier end of the fast food scale) made that 10lb difference all by itself. You can do whatever you decide to do. 😉

  10. You go girl!!! (is it still cool to say that?)

    We’re currently trying to quit the fast food (I know you know the whataburger struggle is real). Our goal is to not eat any more fast food for the rest of the month; I need that app ASAP!

  11. Ahhh, I quit Diet Coke in the fall and didn’t lose weight either. :/ I honestly don’t miss it. I think I feel less bloated without soda, so I stick with water or wine. Wine is amazing.

    I’m trying to think of something to quit…but all I’m coming up with is all the food WW prefers that I avoid anyway. If I do what WW wants I’ve quit all the best parts of life. Fried things. Sweet things. Etc. hahaha.

  12. A few years ago I went on an elimination diet for my IBD. I quit, cold turkey, every food but fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. It was hell, and I totally understand your pain. But, I learned a lot from it. Once you’re over the withdrawal, you feel so much better. For me, it felt like a heavy fog being lifted off my body and brain.

    I also learned that we are all terrible at objectively assessing our diet. I had to cut out all added sugars, grains and soy products. That stuff is in everything, even things I considered “health food”. I’m not as strict about my diet anymore, but I am a much more educated consumer! Good luck and I’m rooting for you!

  13. Wow you’re going all in! Very proud of you. I once gave up coffee and went through a true withdrawal and it was terrible. Of course I relapsed but at least I drink less now. I really should consider giving it up again though…

    Everyone at work makes fun of me for eating cereal every morning but I much prefer saving that money and calories for dinner. I do let myself get an egg bacon cheese croissant at dunkin donuts on my to the barn on weekends though. (Plus I have high cholesterol sigh, I love eggs and cheese so much though!)

    From my experience though if you can get over the hump the more healthy you eat the more healthy you’ll crave. So here’s to hoping it gets easier.

  14. I’ve had to quit a whole bunch of things lately due to a major medical issue. Chocolate, alcohol , coffee, soda, caffeine, fried things, most meat, and anything acidic.

    It has not been any fun.

    Except the almost 40 lb weight loss so far. That’s been nice.

    Keep it up! It stops being quite so miserable after the second week or so (except when PMSing. God damn hormones!)

  15. Good for you!

    The quit app would help me immensely. Anything that gives me a visual is good… like the counter I had for how many days until I got to leave Japan.

  16. what an awesome app – good luck!! my grandfather used the same tactic of taking the saved money from quitting cigarettes to buy himself a piano when he was younger. the memory has stayed with him his whole life 🙂

  17. I used sparkling water and herbal tea to get me through cutting down on drinking wine in the evenings. I got tired of putting on the extra weight from the calories, and not sleeping as well. it worked really well. It was nice to have another option to look forward to (omg. Grapefruit La Croix. I love you!) instead of a glass of wine.

    I love the fried foods cut down! I usually eat something fried (splitting fries or a side of chips with friends at the bar, or binging on delicious nachos) once a week. But, with show season approaching, it’s vital I cut down on my fried food expenditure. I use that money to pay for horse shows, so that’s my incentive. I like how that app shows you directly how much you’ve saved!

  18. Congrats! I am downloading this app right now. Thanks for sharing it. I gave up soda mostly a year or so ago. I will have one when we go to a restaurant sometimes but usually I just have water. I do need to cut down on fried foods though so I will join you on that.

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