Product Review – Horze Reflective Boots

Product Review – Horze Reflective Boots

Once upon a time I lived and rode my horse in places where people would hunt often.  It always wigged me out, and I would opt to not ride in certain areas during hunting season because I didn’t have any bright orange gear to identify myself as “not a deer.”  I know I’m not the only one who has faced this problem before!

Enter the good people from Horze.  They have an entire line of reflective horse products to keep you and your horse safe when riding at night or during hunting season.  Even though we don’t have a huge need for orange products these days, we do ride at night all the time during winter so I was excited to see how the Horze Reflective Boots performed.


Now from the product photo, they look a lot like very expressive splint boots.  Don’t be fooled though – these boots aren’t really going to give your horse much leg protection.  They are light weight and flimsy, which is fine for their intended purpose- reflection.  I wouldn’t buy these thinking “Oh these split boots will be great with my orange cross country colors!” though.

Sizing wise, they are dead on.  I ordered Simon the full as he’s at 16.2hh and the full suggested between 15.2hh – 16.2hh.  They fit him quite well.  Maybe a tiny bit on the large size, but I don’t think a size down would have worked for us.  I’d follow the size chart’s recommendations.


One of my typical complaints about Horze products is the somewhat aggressive branding that many have.  These boots are no exception, but in this case the branding doesn’t bother me.  Why?  Because it’s not just a ‘Horze’ logo, but a reflective Horze logo.  Each strap says ‘Horze’ in silver reflective paint.


Sure, it’s a little bit over the top but it’s also functional – so I can live with it.

Now let’s talk about how much reflection these reflective boots actually do!  First, shown in my arena with the lights on (but not super bright) and no flash on my camera.  You can see how well the orange stands out.



Now same setting, but with camera flash.



Do you see how much the ‘Horze’ parts on the side reflect the light?  If I ever even remotely had a chance of trail riding near traffic at dusk or dark, I would definitely want a pair of these on my horse!  Think of how a car’s headlights would react to the material and colors.

After our ride, I took more pictures in a dark area outside our barn with almost no light.


Compared to the rest of his tack and his white sock, the orange does a pretty good job of standing out in the dark… but with the light from my flash?  Even better.


It’s like his front legs are magical beacons of light!

I also liked how these boots didn’t slip much during our ride, and also didn’t make Simon’s legs any hotter than they would be normally.

At $29.95, it’s hard to say how much of a value I think the Horze Reflective boots are.  I think that with this kind of niche product, if you have a need for this kind of boot – these are a good choice.  I did notice a small place in the silver reflective material on the inside of the boot that started to tear a tiny bit after our ride, so if your horse interferes a lot they may not last forever.  It’s probably something I would pick up during one of Horze’s awesome sales that they often have!

For me, I think they fit the night riding purpose super well.  However, I don’t ever trail ride and definitely not at night – so I’m giving these boots away!  I think it’s a nice product and would like someone who has a need for this sort of thing to enjoy them!

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To enter, just leave a blog comment (and tell me you did in the widget above) letting me know why you’d like to win these boots!  Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 2nd at 12:00am US Central Time.

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Thanks to Horze again for supplying the product for today’s review and giveaway.

21 thoughts on “Product Review – Horze Reflective Boots

  1. I would never ride on a trail or near a road at night on Knight, but it’s a fun giveaway. I would think you might like to keep them around since they’re orange and you could wear them on game day????

  2. Those look great for that purpose, actually – we do a fair amount of road riding at dusk, not necessarily full night, and they would come in handy. We’re also smack in the middle of hunting season. 🙁

  3. People hunt around here.. and there is a decent chance that at least once in my life I’ll get lost and end up out around dusk, haha!

  4. I want because endurance. 😀 50 mile endurance rides start in the wee hours of the morning and end at dusk or after. Leg protection is allowed and some people use reflective gear. I’ve debated buying these before precisely for this reason: being able to be seen at those times is a plus, especially since we sometimes have to ride on/near roads. I also do tons of trail riding and with early sunset, I often end up riding after dusk. It would be so wonderful to win these!

  5. Oh man, I would use these ALL THE TIME. We ride on the road all the time at night in the winter, and sometimes people don’t see our reflective shirts because we’re too high up. These boots would be just the thing!

  6. I trail ride a lot and would love the added benefit of reflective shin guards. I already have a reflective pack, so adding the shin protectors means we would be visible top and bottom.

  7. I’ve been debating these and their reflective quarter sheet for riding on rainy days with lower visibility. Thanks for the review!

  8. kinda love the reflective quality. we trail ride a TON, but not frequently at night… and hunting is prohibited in our woods… but they still look fun!

  9. My mom and I usually don’t trail ride during the fall because there’s deer hunters in the park, but these boots would mean we could! That would be awesome

  10. That is some impressive reflectivity indeed! I have to ride on roads to get to almost all the trails in my area and sometime I go out (or come back) around dusk as well. Plus hunting season is totally a thing in my area. Right now the only bright thing is a neon green helmet cover that my mom sewed for me 😀 But then again, I have a 14h pony so I’m not gonna enter because this pair wouldn’t fit her! Great review though – is definitely look for these on sale!

  11. I would like to win these because now that it gets dark at 530p, it is hard to ride outside. Combine that with the fact that when I do ride outside and I have no trails, I have to do it on the dirt roads. I have a safety orange vest that I use but I think reflective would make things much safer as I come trotting home at dusk!

  12. Missed the giveaway, but damn, what a good idea for a product! I’m pursuing more night riding this year in order to ride through the winter and to prep for longer endurance rides where night riding is inevitable!

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