Patriotic Ponies

Patriotic Ponies

Happy 4th of July! Truth be told this isn’t one of the holidays that I get totally psyched about, but hey a day off of work is appreciated and I do love a good fireworks show. Hope you and your loved ones have a relaxing day doing whatever it is you feel like.

I for one am going to ride my horse in the morning and then hang out with family probably doing nothing that involves red white and blue. Maybe if I get a wild hair I’ll get some sparklers…

Since my holiday is not so patriotic, here are a bunch of horses that are overcompensating for something. It’s like they’re whistling yankee doodle dandy or something…







8 thoughts on “Patriotic Ponies

  1. Poor ponies. Houston should be happy he is a bay! Lucky for him I am not interested in painting him regardless of his color. 😉

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