My Virtual Sunday

My Virtual Sunday

One might say that today was not a stellar achievement in my productivity, but I think it depends on how you look at it.

With our ever growing technology base, gadgets and online worlds – I think you can safely say that for many people, productivity splits into real life and virtual. This weekend I had high goals for my real life productivity, but due to a myriad of reasons… it fell short. So short, that I can safely say the only things I got done today were laundry, hanging two pictures in my bathroom and cleaning off our bedroom dresser.

The virtual productivity however, was grand. I’m not talking about freelance or anything remotely useful either (like generating some much needed content for this blog). No, this is pure virtual time wasting stuff.

I have a virtual Pet Shop…


A virtual Animal rescue – you know, to help all the virtual pets from the virtual pet shop that get dumped off at the pound by their slack virtual owners.


And finally, a virtual restaurant that I can assure you does not serve any animals from the pet store or the animal rescue.


Against my better judgement I am cracked on these games – especially the virtual restaurant. I did not cook a single bite to eat today, we had leftovers and did not leave the house all day. In virtual land, I made all kinds of baked goods a delicacies.

Usually I’m not a stay in all day and do nothing kind of person, but I guess we all need days like today where the biggest thing we muster up the gumption to do in real life is to hang a picture. Now the weekend has come to a close and I’ve got to bust ass at work, on the treadmilll and at the barn… So I’m just going to check on a few more virtual needs before its back to reality.

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  1. excitement! You got the prints – I looooovveee them.

    and oh yeah – congrats on the pet rescue/shop, and restaurant haha

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