My 5 Things Wish List

My 5 Things Wish List

Karen over at Bakersfield Dressage wrote up 5 things that she is currently wishing for, and it made me think about what I’d really like right now. Usually it’s not a problem for me to find something to spend my extra money on… I have a bit of a need ALL the THINGS problem (especially with tack!) but at the moment my spending money is going towards paying off debt that a major vet bill or two and an ACL ticket helped me accrue. It’s fun being responsible… ok not really, but it’s a good thing to do.

Still, I’m only human and here are the 5 things currently on my wish list!

1. KL Select Red Barn Fancy Stitch Standing Martingale
My bridle is KL Select, and it’s gorgeous. It’s 5 years old and has been used almost daily for several years, but doesn’t show any wear. Can’t say the same about my martingale that I’ve had the same amount of time, so I’d love to upgrade the martingale to the same maker as my bridle.

2. Piper Knee Patch Breeches

I don’t have tons of schooling breeches by any means… but I don’t exactly need these. Still, they’re in my new barn’s colors and they’re cute and fun and reasonably priced… so I want them 🙂

3. KK Ultra D Ring Bit
Every trainer I’ve ever worked with has loooooooved these bits. At $150 new, they’re not easy for my wallet to stomach so I’ve always gotten the Korsteel knock off versions at almost 1/10th of the price. The last Korsteel bit I got Simon really pinched his mouth though, so maybe it’s time I cough up for the real thing?

4. KL Select Square Raised Figure 8 Noseband
I really don’t need this at all. Not one bit… but at not much more than the SmartPak brand nosebands in a fine leather quality that will match my bridle it’s hard to resist, right?

5. Ultra Thinline Half Pad
This is probably the only thing on this list I may actually buy sooner than later. I loved how Simon moved in my Thinline fleece pad which I just sold, but hated cleaning the actual fleece. This would let me layer the thinline shock absorption that we loved but be able to be much more flexible with my other saddle pads (ie easily cleaned!).

That’s my list. What have you been lusting over lately?

22 thoughts on “My 5 Things Wish List

  1. I have been coveting a pair of Tailored Sportsman breeches… I currently have some Ariats which I like, but I feel that I owe it to my inner hunter princess to at least try some Tailoreds to see if I like them.

      1. Ah, too bad! I think mine would be too small. Will dig it out and measure when I have a chance, though, just in case. It’s not doing me any good and I figured it might as well go find a useful home somewhere else!

  2. I was actually staring at that thinline half pad the other day. I like the new half pad I got made out of memory foam, but it is so bulky that it makes me feel like I’m riding 1 foot above my horse.

    1. My previous thinline pad was built into a thick fleece pad, but the actual thinline part doesn’t doesn’t take up much bulk at all.

  3. The main thing I’ve been wanting is a rubber nosed hack!!! Red does SO much better with one, but I haven’t found a good one yet. 😛 I was going to buy one off of but all of the reviews were awful and people said it literally fell apart in their hands. 😛

  4. I have the thinline pad and love it! 🙂

    I’ve been eyeing another pair or two of the TS Trophy Hunter breeches… i have one pair for schooling and one for showing and I LOVE them! 🙂

    As always I want a pair of custom chaps SO bad! haha

  5. I’d actually like a pair of custom Dehner boots. I have a pair that’s about ten years old and it’s time for a new pair. It will have to wait for a while though.

  6. I’m very interested in hearing about the Ultra Thinline if you get it. There’s one for sale second hand ($50, I could probably get it down a bit) that I was thinking about but I don’t really *need* it and I haven’t read much by way of reviews.

    Also, when did $80 become “reasonable” for schooling breeches?! Yikes. I need to win the lottery.

    1. Ha, I guess it depends on your perspective. I usually get high quality used breeches for a little under that and save the nice new ones for showing only. When show breeches cost $180ish $80 doesn’t seem too bad for schooling ones that will last a while at home without falling apart.

  7. I too want a KK Ultra, but damn are they pricey. I’ve looked at buying them used, but somehow the germaphobe in me doesn’t think it’s acceptable.

    1. I don’t think buying a used KK Ultra would bother me. I have seen used Happy Mouths that are all chewed up and I think that’s a little gross. Even used, the KK’s I’ve seen are still $100 which is a lot higher than my usual bit budget.

  8. The biggest thing on my list right now is a front and hind set of Equilibrium Trizone XC boots. I did just get a thinline pad for mother’s day (thank hubby!!). There are a few other things on my list but nothing that I’m feeling too impatient for at the moment.

  9. One item on my horsie wishlist is this TS Ostrich Belt in Cognac. Love the color and love how the models in other photos of this style wear the buckle on the side – it’s so stylin’.,-Tailored/Detail

    However, I rarely to never wear a belt while schooling (wear shirts out to camo my belly) and I have yet to convince myself to wear anything but black belts for shows – I don’t wear a jacket showing yet, so my belt is in full view. But at least last year I invested in the wide TS Quilted ‘C’ black belt. It’s heavenly and I wear it buckle front, even with my sidezips.

  10. Well, a saddle for one. But, I have plenty of time for that ;).

    I also want a pair of pegasus boots. I use them on a horse I ride and they are awesome! I am just waiting to see if Estella’s legs grow haha.

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