Hunter Princess Blog Hop – Your Ideal Show Outfit

Hunter Princess Blog Hop – Your Ideal Show Outfit

No matter what discipline you show in, we all have a “if money were no object” wish list for our attire.  It’s stupid that show clothes are so expensive… but they’re so pretty.  Today for the blog hop – pick a fantasy show outfit if we didn’t have that thing called a budget (Eventers – you should pick one for the show jumping phase 🙂 ).

From head to toe, I’d start with a black on black GPA Speed Air helmet.


A hunter shadbelly (because in my dream, I’m also doing hunter derbies) with non-traditional vest points.  I love the light blue, or a very delicate paisley.


A tasteful, but sparkly show belt.


Tailored Sportsman side zip breeches.


I’d have a MILLION pairs of zocks.


And finish it off with custom Parlanti Boots.  Mmmmmmmmm.


Now I’d love to hear from the rest of you about what smancy show clothes you’d love to wear to your next show! Joining the Blog Hop is really easy. Just write a post related to this topic, add your link on this post using the blue button, and click the link below to get the blog hop code on your site.

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11 thoughts on “Hunter Princess Blog Hop – Your Ideal Show Outfit

  1. Love it! I’ve always loved a little bit of bling on belts in the hunter ring but never have actually worn one! Also, love zocks – I actually only recently bought my first pair 🙂

        What the hell???!!!! That is a crazy price! Does it come with a guarantee that you’ll win your next dressage test? Maybe I should buy it and find out…

  2. I agree with Tracy!! Love your choices! I’m a huge sucker for shadbellys and I think it’s because I just want to have the chance to wear one someday (i.e. actually be in a derby). They are so neat.

    Tiny bit addicted to zocks.

  3. I LOVE the shadbelly! Although I really want one for dressage… currently my coat always gets stuck under my rump. I feel like if the coat tails were longer, they’d go over the saddle and I wouldn’t have that issue!! Gorgeous outfit 🙂

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