Hunter Princess Blog Hop – An Annoying H/J Trend

Hunter Princess Blog Hop – An Annoying H/J Trend

This confession may shock you, because in my normal life I’m kind of like a raccoon.  Anything small and sparkly I pretty much get googly eyed over and need it – now.

That being said, I hate bling in the hunters. If I ever do the jumpers that shit is going to be on like donkey kong, but in the hunters?  No.

What, you say?  “Sparkle in the hunters, but that’s illegal!”

It is, but people sneak it in.  This probably isn’t a trend at all in rated level hunters, but I’ve done my fair share of open and schooling shows and we see a lot of this there.

Not huntery.
Subtle spur sparkle is not subtle.
Subtle spur sparkle is not subtle.
I see your sparkles, you can't sneak them past me.
I see your sparkles, you can’t sneak them past me.


No, just no.
No, just no.

Call me a prude and a snob, but I am a purist for the hunters.  Dressage?  Sparkle it up baby.  Jumpers?  I’d be like a damn disco ball.  Hunters?  Fancy stitch is your sparkle.  Embrace it.

What’s a trend/pet peeve you have about hunter/jumpers?  Share your opinion and join the blog hop!

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17 thoughts on “Hunter Princess Blog Hop – An Annoying H/J Trend

  1. Aw, I love a little bit of sparkle. Why do us hunters have to be pure if dressage people are allowed bling??? Not that you should blind people, but ONE sparkly thing should be acceptable.

    1. It’s really one’s matter of opinion. A hunter judge isn’t going to slam you if you have a bit of sparkle in your attire, but too much is distracting. Since I started fox hunting before I ever really showed, I am pretty on the traditional end of turnout for the hunters.

    1. Hunter attire is modeled after fox hunting attire, which is SUPER conservative. Only staff and members who have earned their ‘colors’ can wear anything but black (and then it’s usually a colored collar) and you can imagine that a lot of sparkles wouldn’t be very discreet for hunting 🙂

  2. I hate sparkle of all kinds, but I love color! I want to deck my baby Fiction out in lime green for XC/Jumpers but so far I’ve refrained because my horrible form sticks out enough as it is – I don’t want to draw more attention to us!

  3. “Jumpers?  I’d be like a damn disco ball. ” <- This comment cracks me up. I too like sparkle but not in the hunter ring (though I'm not exactly a hunter rider, persay). I'm actually pretty reserved in my show apparel/tack with the exception of cross country. I have a sparkle browband for dressage, but that's it. Now schooling tack though…

  4. I’ll have to do this on Thursday. I hate bling in all disciplines so I agree with you. The closest thing I sport to bling is a trophy buckle and people only see it when I walk around without my coat or if my coat flaps up over a fence.

  5. I can’t comment on anything hunters related, but back in 2005 my mare and I were showing training and first level. She was dark bay and I bought her a GORGEOUS red beaded brow band. It wasn’t sparkly, but it wasn’t black or white. Everyone gave me funny looks and I know a lot of people rolled their eyes and thought I was crazy. I toughed it out because she looked just so damn good in it. Now fancy browbands are everywhere in dressage! It is so funny how styles can change so quickly. I like that hunters keep it classy, though!

  6. I think this might be your funniest post! Fancy stitch is my sparkle! Also, blue. But I want to see it on like donkey kong and your best disco ball impression.

    I don’t need sparkly things when I show, I guess because of the old foxhunting back ground, too. But I do like color. Pad needs to be white, everything on the horse needs to be understated and clean, all that. But I need a colored shirt (plaid? striped? freaking polka dots? yes!) with a nice monogram (are those even still in?!) and I would kill to have a jacket with a bright liner. And maybe some lip stain.

  7. I so agree with you. Bling doesn’t belong in hunters and should be tasteful in dressage.

    Good thing I’m an eventer and can not only bling it up but choose obnoxious colors as well. 🙂

  8. Interesting…kinda makes sense to keep things traditional. I’m getting into the western show world and more and more bling and crazy colour is creeping into my tack collection. I’m eyeing up those stirrup irons and spurs for my hunter under saddle (AQHA style) next year! 😉

  9. I don’t see any bling in the hunters at the rated shows here thankfully. I am guilty of blingy belts and spurs straps in the jumpers. Oh and on my horse’s ear net. It’s about having fun and not going overboard.

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