How I Put My Spending In a Box and Close It

How I Put My Spending In a Box and Close It

Last week, I expressed my budgeting failures to y’all.  No dramatic updates there… I didn’t become Dave Ramsey overnight but I’m working on it.  I do however, want to tell you something I’m really good at.

I am really good at not spending money on “extras” for my equestrian life.

Of course, that depends on your definition of extra.  Showing?  Of course.  Chiropractor?  Of course.  Multiple show shirts?  Yes!  But I do have my limits damnit, and I’d like to walk you through my success.


Enter exhibit A – a tantilizing thing I don’t need.  For now, let’s call it a beautiful scrim sheet that’s on sale for only $40!  It’s pretty!  It’s on sale!  It’s only $40!  How could this go wrong?  It’s obviously so right… but here’s what I do.

  1. Do I already own this item or something like it?  Well, I have a cooler and a cotton irish knit but not a scrim sheet.  BUY NOW.
  2. In the past have I said  to myself, “Self – I really need to buy a scrim sheet” before I saw it on sale?  Well, I have said in the past that scrim sheets are pretty.. therefore BUY NOW.
  3. Will this item turn my horse into a magical auto lead change unicorn?  No…  Purchase denied.

See?  It’s fool proof!  It also works for clothing, which a the moment is an Ariat sun shirt that I simply must have.


  1. Do I already own this item or something like it?  Well, I have one sun shirt but it’s not an Ariat one so BUY NOW.
  2. Is this item something I need for showing?  Well, you can show in sun shirts in the jumpers and I’m a part-time jumper so BUY NOW.
  3. Will this item turn me into Beezie Madden?  No… Purchase denied.

See folks… being cheap is easy!  😉

29 thoughts on “How I Put My Spending In a Box and Close It

  1. But I can justify almost anything. For example: the sunshirt is really a twofold health issue. #1 SPF protection for your skin. #2 has to be cool and comfortable so that you don’t stroke out. Also an environmental issue: you need more than one because you can’t wash the same one every time you ride, that’d be wasteful of water and electricity.

    See what I did there? Suddenly 5 sunshirts seems totally logical.

      1. And I would say “Am I actually going to remember to put on sunscreen that I’ve had in my trunk for a year and never used?” and “Are the other shirts miserably hot and sticky and make me feel like I’m going to die of heat stroke?”. Lol I can go in circles all day, I’m a champion justifier of cool things.

  2. I feel slightly guilty 😉
    I did justify the sunshirt by the simple fact the it protects my skin. But then again I can justify the hell out of anything !

  3. I like your style on this, however I have turned that into an art and find myself taking it one step further…

    Do I already have one or own something similar? Usually the answer is- Yes.
    Would I be willing to SELL the one I have to help fund the new one that I want?
    Yes- Go list it online or take it to the local tack shop for consignment.
    No- What else is there in the tack room that can go?

    There’s always a way! lol

  4. Now I see my problem because I only buy things if they’ll turn my horse into a magical auto lead change unicorn (or maybe a magical slow jogging western pleasure unicorn) or if they’ll change me into Beezie Madden (or maybe Liz Bentley but you get the picture) lol.

  5. Haha I do this same thing. OOOH PRETTY! I would love one! Do I need one? Like, really cannot live without it NEED one? No? Purchase denied.

    This is why I haven’t bought anything but replacement stirrup leathers and fly spray in like two years. Depressing as hell, but that means I have the $ for that custom saddle I just bought!

  6. I like to put things in my shopping cart and then go home and imagine how awesome it will be when it gets here. I just don’t finish the purchase. I’ve usually forgotten about the thing by the time it would have arrived anyway. 😉

  7. Clothes and scrims don’t call my name at all. Change that sun shirt out to a bridle and all of a sudden I’m like “BUT I’VE NEVER HAD THAT BRAND IT MIGHT BE PERFECT” even though I’m not counting how many perfectly good bridles I already have.

  8. Oh, that is SOOOOO funny!!!! I am the QUEEN of budgeting and have been for many, many years so I don’t live with the temptation like you do. (I can be you Spender’s Anonymous sponsor if you’d like.) But, it does take tricks to keep from over spending. One of my favorites is to just load up a shopping “cart” with all kinds of things that I think I really “need.” Then I hit the checkout button. That pretty much stops me in my tracks. What started out as a $40 shirt is all of a sudden a $240 charge on a credit card. To quote you, “purchase denied!” LOL

  9. *giggles*

    I’m pretty good at not buying stuff just to have it (though I am really bad about giving myself huge rewards for big things (like an Ogilvy half pad for a really awesome and unexpected raise at work)). But, I feel like my horse is in the middle of actually really needing some expensive stupid little stuff right now (like all the stuff I need for studs) and that is annoying! I just want to buy fun pretty things that make us both look pretty.

  10. Hahaha! Well may not turn you into beezie madden but at least you’ll look good doing whatever you’re out there doing 😉

  11. My system is similar – I take a look, decide that I havetohaveitrightnow, tell my husband, and then HE asks if it will turn Dassah into magical auto-change unicorn or me into Beezie Madden. And that’s how I avoid those purchases. Although I am getting better at asking myself those questions first – takes the responsibility off him to be the responsible person.

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