Horze Halter Giveaway!

Horze Halter Giveaway!

Last winter, I discovered this new company called Horze… and by “I discovered” I mean I read about it on Chronicle and bought a ton of stuff with some amazing coupon codes. I wasn’t sure what to think, because I had never seen any of the items in person or even heard of them and the products had a distinctively European look/feel to them.

I got my first order.

Then my second.

And… well you see where it’s going from here. I love their stuff. The quality is excellent and you can find a wide range of goods from schooling to show purposes plus they have constant sales on their site. So you can imagine I was really excited when I reached out to Horze to see about a blog giveaway and they agreed to sponsor a beautiful leather halter!


Yankee Leather Halter in Dark Brown, Cob Size

Finn-Tack’s wide halter made of quality leather. Halter is adjustable both on the neck piece and under the muzzle. Jaw strap includes a handy snap-buckle. The width of the halter is 25 mm. Buckles are made of brass.

How do I win this fabulous halter?!

I’m a big leather halter fan, because they look good and are safe (leather will break, while nylon won’t!).  So to enter write a comment telling me…

  • Why your precious pony needs this fabulous new Horze halter!
  • Bonus entry for sharing the contest on your blog page or Facebook timeline, and commenting on this blog post showing me your share

I will draw a winner on Wednesday, September 4th.  No limit on shipping, so Canadian friends this one is for you too 🙂 Good luck!

A note about sizing: Horze.com lists the Cob for horses sized 14.2hh – 15.1hh.  Other reviews on Horze halters say they run a bit large, and my experience with Horze tack in general is that it runs a bit large.  Unless your horse is closer to 17hh or giant headed – I think you’ll be safe with this size but can’t say 100% as I don’t personally own this halter.

56 thoughts on “Horze Halter Giveaway!

  1. I’m pretty sure Courage needs this halter because he’s had to use Cuna’s giant leather halter and it just hangs off his poor head. I’d order him his own, but money is tight with two horses and it hasn’t been a priority.

    Vote Team Courage 2013.

    (And I’ll comment again when I share it on my blog).

  2. The Little Bay Princess needs this halter because she’ll be moving to a new barn soon and she tells me her current duds just won’t do! She currently uses a somewhat-ugly padded creation that I found used somewhere or other. Little mare has never had a new leather halter… This sounds like a perfect opportunity.

    I’ll share on my blog when I get back into civilization.

    Thanks to Lauren and Horze for the giveaway!

  3. My horse needs this halter as he’s still using an old, ugly nylon halter one of his leasers purchased for him years ago. He’s never had a leather halter, though our other 2 horses do, so I’m sure he’s jealous.

  4. My pony needs this halter because his current halter is ripped to shreds because the boys got ahold of the halters hanging on the gate and played tug-a-war with them before stomping them into the ground. I would of course hang this halter somewhere safe 🙂

  5. Shortly after the Psycho Mare came into my life, I lost my Old Man to a stroke. Many of my things transferred to the mare, but the leather halter was not one of them. It was way too big.
    The Psycho Mare has been wearing an adjustable, felt-lined, lime-green creation that fits great but doesn’t look so classy. As she continues her transformation from Psycho Mare to Fancy Pony, we need a fabulous new leather halter in order to look the part of Seriously Fancy Dressage-and-Eventing Pony as we embark on a tenacious campaign to compete at Arabian Sport Horse Nationals and USDF Region 4 Championships.
    The timing is perfect to celebrate our official pony debut at the National Dressage Pony Cup in Lexington, KY running September 6-8, 2013!
    I’ll be mentioning this contest in my blog!

  6. My pony needs one since she is still “new” so I haven’t gotten around to getting her a leather halter. I usually always get my horses a leather halter for shows and just to feel fancy – it’s kind of like they get accepted into “the herd” once they have their own leather halter. She would probably fit this perfectly since she’s a very refined 15.1hh. And I too love Horze – they have some really neat products and great prices.

  7. Unfortunately I don’t have a horse for this halter (and I need more accouterments for my future horse like a hole in the head). But awesome giveaway!

  8. My horse Cas deserve a new leather halter because e is fabulous! Ha! Isn’t that everyone’s answer? Cas is a big fellow who always get the short end of the stick- for example right now he is using the mules halter… He’s not real thrilled about it but tolerates it well. We’ve had some leather halters in the past but they are always taken by students who ride a big horse and end up in someone else’s tack box. I bought him a halter plate with his name a couple of months ago to fix that problem but that halter disappeared as well. He would really love to sport a pretty new leather halter. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Ginger would love this halter. I’ve admired this one for a while, but Horze doesn’t ship to Canada 🙁 Ginger needs a new halter since the (new) nylon one I sent her on “vacation’ with has ended up hanging on the gatepost of her paddock and is looking tattered and awful. She desperately needs a new one to wear when she gets home this winter so she can look as special as she is!

  10. My Buttercupgirl needs this halter to complete her retirement wardrobe and make all of the other animals on our farm jealous of her fabulous fashion sense. She needs something fancier than her breakaway halters to wear when she’s hosting guests as well 🙂

  11. I’ve been trying to buy Wiz a real leather halter forever, but with all of the other expenses, it’s fallen to the bottom of list. I LOVE Horze, and they have great products. Also, Wiz is a cob. 🙂

    Also, I shared the contest!

  12. My horse, Red, needs this halter because he’s stuck using an old nylon that rubs his poor, already balding face! Also, the old halter is 20+ years old! The leather bridles and etc have never irritated him and I’d love for him to have something safer so he doesn’t hurt himself or something. 😉 Going to share on our facebook page The Tack of The Town along with my blog. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  13. My guy deserves a leather halter because we saved each other three years ago. He was foundered and a total grump but I fell in love with him when I saw him. Three years later and Chester is my soul horse. When we ride we are one and it is truly amazing to experience that. He has taught me to ride and he has taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

  14. Bohemian is in desperate need of a new leather halter as our only existing leather halter has chew marks on it and seriously needs to be downgraded from day-to-day halter to emergency-only halter! That leather halter looks lovely and I’m sure would suit Hemie great!

  15. My baby boy Smokey would LOVE to have a new HORZE halter since he has just about outgrown his current one. He is my homebred, born and raised right here on our little farm. Sweet as the day is long with a hard road behind him because of a bad unidentifiable infection as a baby 🙁 He is ready to be a grown-up now…well, sort of…at least he is ready to wear a grown-up halter 🙂

  16. Jingle would LOVE a new halter to “pay me back” for his beloved halter that he recently broke. He had a beautiful, monogrammed, colour-specific-to-him halter with his registered name and barn name on it. He thought it would be a good idea to randomly pull back one day, when he was all alone, and go for a little trot around the front yard because he was “lonely.” Of course, his poor beautiful halter paid the price, and my pony is apologetic but doesn’t understand the concept of “money” “breaking things” “halters” etc. so he doesn’t quite have the means to replace it. Plus, I have been eyeing up a leather halter for some time, and would love to finally own one!

    I linked to your giveaway here – http://timeinthesaddle.blogspot.ca/2013/08/planning-and-packing-and-sitting.html 🙂

  17. My horse wears cob sized halters and I have a very hard time finding something that actually fits his delicate head! I’m so excited to try something that might actually fit him for once! His leather halter is 7 years old and starting to look really old. He would love a new one!

  18. My mare Moosie would love a new halter. I purchased her on my own as a small child and all of her financial responsibility was left for me to care for. It seemed as though Moosie was always getting hurt and I was always living in debt, little did I know I had no idea what debt was until my sophomore year of high school. It was a gorgeous fall day when I took her trail riding with my aunt. Things went smoothly until we returned home where she ended up in a horrendous trailering accident. She spent months on stall rest having different surgeries and procedures but she pulled through like a champ a couple thousand dollars later. That was 5 years ago and my vet was a phenomenal man and allowed me to make payments the entire time so I didn’t have to euthanize her, he knew exactly how much she meant to me. This summer in June to be exact I made the final payment to our vet and was able to close out account from that injury! Yay! I was then able to save up the rest of my money for the summer and follow through with my life long dream and bring my horse to school with me! She will never be sound enough to be used in our numerous riding programs here so she is boarded at a barn right down the road. I thought I was doing what was best for her. A week and half into her arrival at the new barn the mares got loose from there pasture and when she returned home she was lame, once again. The vet bills will be extensive again I’m sure but her life has no set price tag and as long as I’m always able to give I will. Leather halters and fancy new bridles will once again have to be put on hold but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a pretty one so when the other boarders walk past her stall they can stand awhile and chat with her to admire both her and the beautiful halter that caught their eye;)

  19. Lex needs this halter because a) she has a cob-size head and b) she has had a ROUGH YEAR. All her vet bills means affording her a nice halter is out of the question, so she uses the one I got for $8 in the consignment section of the tack store. Perhaps a new halter would give her some incentive to get better so we can go play in the sandbox at some shows!

    I’ll comment separately when I share this.

  20. Well of course Speedy needs this halter as I am too cheap to actually purchase a leather halter for him! And surprisingly, it’s in HIS SIZE! Our names should be engraved on it already; you should check before you entertain any other entries. :0)

    And of course I’ll share it on Facebook. Doing it now. :0)

  21. Though she is technically “just a Paint horse,” Missy thinks she’s pretty fancy. Leather halters are pretty stylish and Missy definitely deserves one over her less-fancy nylon break-away!

  22. My pony would love this halter! (She actually is a pony too…her name is Pony haha). She is such a diva…a wild mustang that cowers in the shed when it starts to rain and will prance around mud puddles. The only thing that would complete her look is a beautiful leather halter 🙂

  23. I love that you reached out to Horze! That’s where I got Archie’s blanket and I love it. I agree that things have a definite European feel to them (maybe their cobs have bigger heads?!).

    Reading all the comments makes me think that we need a blogger exchange system. Seems like everyone either has a halter too large or too small. Oh! Halters of Hope takes donated halters for auction horses to improve their chances of being adopted by horsepeople and not kill buyers.

  24. Savvy is now getting turned out in her halter and it is taking a beating. Please pick me and we will do a photo shoot capturing the beautiful gift!!!

  25. I’m a bit late to the party because I have had sketchy internet access lately but Emi since she is a welsh cob I think the sizing should be perfect and she needs a leather halther because she doesn’t have one yet. It would be perfect for her!

  26. My horse definitely needs one of these. He has a handsome face and with one of these gorgeous halters we will look supet fancy when we are out competeing this season.
    I will be sharing this on my blog soon 🙂

    Btw i love the horze brand too!!

  27. Finn needs this halter! My horse is the king of halter tag and we go through a lot of halters. I made the mistake of putting his nice leather halter on in turnout once when he broke his nylon halter. Of course he came in from the paddock that day with his leather halter in multiple pieces. We need another nice halter!!

  28. My children’s leased OTTB, James, needs a halter because he’s been wearing one that belongs to the barn forever, and he’s been such a good doobie for the kids that he deserves a spiffy new halter of his own. He’s a very elegant dark bay boy and this would look gorgeous on him.

  29. As a long time admirer of leather halters this would be amazing for my sweet boy! As a broke engineering student I usually can’t afford to pamper him, but he would definitely look quite spiffy with a leather halter of his own!

  30. This may have been a bad thing. But the advertising worked. I can see the money leaving my pocket already. The prices are really reasonable so it’s hard to say no…

  31. Wow this would be such an amazing opportunity for my horse Journey and I! A little over a year ago I rescued this Morab from the pasture and started training her to be a great show horse. We finally finished her and she is an amazing horse! She has won many champion ribbons and medals. I am SO proud of her. She has another of her own except an old rough halter that rubs off on her nose! It is a rough halter and always leaves a mark. I have been wanting to get a good leather halter for her because it would break if anything happened and I never was able to find a good one! I FINALLY came across you and your post and i thought i might try it out! Then I realized that I was not able to afford that halter for her and I was really disappointed. Then I found this giveaway! This would be such a blessing! That horse has taught me everything I know and she gives me so many great times and memories. Just this once I would to give something back to her with a nice leather halter that will be comfortable for her shape and size and not rub on her nose! Thank You so much for this awesome opportunity! I will repost and share this giveaway right away! Not to mention she would look AMAZING in that halter!:))

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