Happy Things Hop – Favorite Noms

Happy Things Hop – Favorite Noms

There have been a ton of really awesome blog hops lately, so I’ve taken my dear time posting the second of the “Happy Things” hop.  There’s also been a ton of things to post about over here lately, and therefore I haven’t participated in as many hops as I usually do.  We’ll see where the content train takes me… but today’s topic you can take either horsey or non-horsey.  I’m doing both!


What is your absolute favorite comfort meal?  If you want to take a horse spin on things, what’s the best horse show food you’ve ever had?

I kind of love food. It makes me ridiculously happy when it’s just the right dish.  The number one be all end all comfort food for me, and what I pretty much always want to eat (especially on my birthday) is southern shrimp & grits.  My mom makes them fabulously, I make them okay, and they don’t seem to exist anywhere in Austin… which makes them more desirable.


There are three keys to perfect shrimp and grits:

  1. Creamy cheddar grits
  2. Fresh local shrimp
  3. The right sauce (let’s be honest … usually it includes bacon)

I could literally eat this every day, but then I wouldn’t wonder if I was too heavy for my horse because I would know 100% for sure 😉

As far as horse show food goes, we are pretty lucky that the main Austin show grounds has great food.  You can go healthy or not, but they have lots of options.

They don’t beat crepes at the Winter Equestrian Festival though.  At what I consider the world’s fanciest horse show it only makes sense to have fancy smancy crepes.

@lauracardon Instagram
@lauracardon Instagram

You can do savory or sweet (I like caramelized onions, broccoli and bacon) and they’re kind of amazing.  Okay, they’re really amazing.  If you go to WEF, you must eat crepes.  It’s just that simple.

I doubt I’m the only one who loves food, so if you want to share your favorite noms then play along! Get the blog hop code to display widget on your blog.

24 thoughts on “Happy Things Hop – Favorite Noms

  1. I’ve always wondered who’s buying the food at the Expo Center to keep them in business but I guess now I know! I can’t get past all the butter.

  2. Some horse shows have great food and others I have to question if they think we’re at a fair or if they understand were supposed to be athletes. Though I have been known to consume regular McDonalds breakfast and even the occasional White Castle when desperate. Now I’ve stared to realize that if I eat better I’ll feel better. Even if it’s bringing fruit, bagels or what have you in a cooler.

    My favorite meal would be steak and mashed potatoes. A filet can ease all my worries. So tasty.

    1. Yeah, many horse shows are the “burgers and hot dogs” variety and I just can’t eat that crap when I’m exercising in the heat. In those cases, I just bring a bunch of healthy snacks.

  3. We have a crepe place in town. It is my favorite place to take out of town guests. So delicious.

    Grits, now, I can’t do. My family has been in New England since 1627. I don’t get them!

  4. I will totally participate in this as I do love me some soul food. I might need to wait a couple of days since everything is soul food right now.

  5. Mmmmmmm…. I love shrimp and grits too!! As far as horse show food goes, my favorite horse show food also comes from the magical land that is WEF. However, instead of the crepes (which are admittedly, delicious) I love the breakfast burritos at Magdalena’s, which is right by ring 10. They are SO good!! They also make pretty awesome lunch stuff too!

  6. There aren’t many things out there better than food. We has delicious grilled veggies at our horse show over the weekend, I could do that over and over! But give me a bag of jerky to gnaw on and I’ll be happy.

  7. My fave comfort food is soup! Preferably beef stew with lots of carrots and those little mini frozen onions. Yum! Favorite horse show food is pulled pork BBQ sandwich. I don’t care if it’s unhealthy, it always hits the spot!

  8. Great blog hop, but I don’t know if I’ll participate. I guess I’m the only person who is meh about food. My comfort food is boring old chicken and rice. Since I can’t eat wheat I don’t really eat the food at horse shows, although our local show makes an awesome fruit salad and chicken salad!

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