Nerd horse is turning 11 today, and for his big birthday present he’s getting… his hocks checked. Wow… I sure know how to spoil my critters. While there won’t be any kind of grand pony birthday party today, I’m taking a moment this morning to appreciate the old man.

As firmly moves from an adolescent nerd horse to a mature, stately tweed-jacket-with-elbow-patches-professor kind of nerd horse, it’s hard for me to believe that this is the same creature I met five years ago.

May 2012

People don’t believe me when I tell them he used to be pretty damn ugly. They ask why I call him “Nerd Horse” when he’s not nerdy at all! 

September 2012

Well, he used to be.

May 2012

Age and time and proper work has served him well.

To keep with the tradition that I do around this place, here are my 11 most favorite pictures of Simon throughout the past year.

Photo by Heather F

Photo by Heather F
Photo by Heather F

Photo by Heather F

So Happy Birthday to my eleven-year-old nerd horse. He is my heart, and what I’m most proud of.


  1. Love the idea of the 11 favorite pictures for the 11th birthday! I may have to steal it for Jetta’s upcoming 11th birthday 🙂 happy birthday Simon!!

  2. Happy birthday, Simon and good luck with your hocks!
    We share a birthday, but that’s where it ends – I’m not sure I get better with age and good work ha!


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