Giveaway – Win a Custom Blog Logo

Giveaway – Win a Custom Blog Logo

I’m giddy with excitement for my upcoming vacation.  Every year, I go visit one of my best friends who grooms for a barn in Grand Prix Village in Wellington, FL.  It’s the most gorgeous, sunny, horsey perfect place on earth if you ask me.  Also, I had no concept of what wealth really was until I visited there.  It’s the 1% folks, for real.


I won’t be blogging much from Thursday to Monday (April 1st), but be sure to follow my Facebook and Instagram for lots of photos until I get back into town. Now onto the real fun stuff… the giveaway!

April Giveaway – Win a Custom Logo for Your Blog or Farm
To celebrate my giddiness over my upcoming horsey field trip, I’m giving away a custom designed logo done by yours truly!  You can win a logo made to your specifications for your equine blog or farm, with font design and colors chosen by you (or me if you’re not feeling creative… whatever works).

But Lauren, what might my logo look like?
Well… it will look like whatever you want – but here are some examples.


Ok, so how do I enter?
Entering is easy!  Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me about your blog, and why you might like to win a logo for it (if you don’t blog, then what you’d use the logo for!).  Even if you don’t win, I’ll add your blog to my reading list if it isn’t there already.

When will a winner be chosen?

I will pick a random winner from all the comments on this blog post on Wednesday, April 3rd.  So get your entry in before then, and tell any equine bloggers you know that may be interested.  Good luck folks and I’ll see you when I get back from Florida!

20 thoughts on “Giveaway – Win a Custom Blog Logo

  1. That sounds like a most excellent vacation.

    Re: competition
    My name is Carrot Top, I have a blog called Little Bay Horse…..
    It’s about – drum roll please – myself and my horses, of course.
    I’d love to win one of your logos and have your artistic eye grace my page – your blog hands down the nicest looking one I read.

  2. I write about the most kick ass Little Bay Mare, nay, Princess that ever did live.

    Do I get to win by default because of my llama logo fiasco? 😉

    Have SO MUCH fun on your trip. Slightly jealous… we got flurries here today.

  3. I write about Poncho my quirky paint and our dreams of getting into three day eventing. But mostly about his everyday “special moments” where things can get REALLY interesting for us.

    I’d love to win a logo to make us look pretty bad ass and official!

    P.S. Have a blast on your trip!!!!

  4. Not equestrian related, but I would love a logo for my research lab! 🙂 I love your logos!

  5. I went to WEF last year, you aren’t kidding about the 1%… It’s like a subdivision full of the nicest farms you’ve ever seen. Hope you have a blast!

  6. Sweet! If I was creative I would totally have giveaways like this! I know you already read my blog but Houstonia and I would love to have a logo made by a fellow blogger to give our blog a little flair 🙂

  7. Um take me to FL with you! Pretty please!!!

    Henry and I would love a logo! In no way shape or form do I have any talent in making them so your skills are highly sought after 🙂 Our blog is about .. well us! The daily struggles I mean joys of a full time working mom and wife pursuing her passion to keep riding!

  8. Welcome to my hometown!! Miss my home so much, especially since WEF is coming to a close. Onto the contest, you’ve commented on mine before so I know we both read each others 🙂 Me and Lib would LOVE a logo, especially since the one in charge of creative cool looking things is sorely lacking in the creativity department… I wonder who that is lol

  9. I hope you have fun in Florida. The weather hasn’t been the nicest lately. I’ve never been to wellington but hope to in the future!!
    Can’t wait to see the winning logo. You visit my blog a lot and I appreciate your comments. I used to make banners for my blog title but none of them were that cool. lol

  10. Wow! I would love to win a custom logo! I’m not creative AT ATLL, so my blog could use a facelift! I write about my adventures as an adult re-rider attempting to bring along an OTTB. It’s a bumpy ride, but I’m learning a ton. The blogging community is such a great horsey resource for me, and I’ve appreciated your comments!

  11. My boyfriend is from Wellington, so jealous!! It’s gorgeous down there!

    I may already be on your reading list at but I would enjoy a custom logo because I hope to continue with Alchemy Eventing and make it something some day. For now its just me, on a free horse, trying to turn him into something great. But one day I’d love to help kids who don’t have many resources do the same thing. Turn something that’s not much into something that’s great. That’s the reason behind the name and I hope to have the success and financial resources one day to do just that. It would be nice to have a logo to go along with the name and the goal! 🙂

    (Of course, I’m too modest so I always feel like there’s other people who deserve to win way more!)

    1. also, i changed my blog address to which it will now stay as! when i started the blog it was just like a diary for me about learning to event but then i got wiz/”alchemy” and it changed some.

  12. Okay, so I already have a logo for my BLOG, but I really need need one I can put on my saddle pads, sport boots, polo wraps, ect. My name is Emily Thompson, my barn colors are mint green and chocolate brown, I love Arabians, and I do jumpers. Thank you Lauren for your fantastic and entertaining blog!

  13. Fun contest! I’d like a logo for my blog just so I could start tying everything together: facebook, twitter, instagram, ect.

  14. By the way, my blog is, or I put in my above post so you could just click my name. Hope you like it!

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