ShowSheen Winners & Fantasy Show Horses

ShowSheen Winners & Fantasy Show Horses

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the winners of the Absorbine ShowSheen Try-Pak Giveaway!

SprinklerBandit from SprinklerBandits!
Mary from Simply Horse Crazy!
All Gear No Skill!
Sarah from Eventing in Color!

Congrats to the winners!  I will be contacting you via e-mail to get your addresses so Absorbine can mail you your prizes 🙂

Once upon a time I played virtual horse games online with virtual show horses. That deserves a post of itself, but as I was pondering show names yesterday (the big winner seems to be Simply Said with Love Song for Simon in a close second) I couldn’t help but think back to the fantasy dream horses of my childhood not so distant past.

At first, it was a chestnut Arabian stallion named Tabrook. He had a blaze and 4 high whites and was amazing at every discipline ever invented.


For the racing side of things we had JeremiahWasABullfrog (I still think this would be a cool name for a horse).


When I realized my real life future with horses wasn’t going to be with Arabians or horse racing, I homed into my hunter/jumper picks. We had Paperback Writer, a pinto warmblood jumper.


Flying Circus, another jumper.


Silverstein (named after Shel Silverstein of course!), a big gray hunter.


And finally, my holiest of grails… A dark bay hunter with tons of chrome named Ash Wednesday.


If only I’d have picked a name for a nerdy bay ottb with a star and big snip! 🙂 Do you have any fantasy horses you’ve ever dreamed of owning?

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  1. I use to play a fantasy racing game called Equination, but my horses all had dreadful names like I Eat Meat, Roadkill, Pillow Bunny, Snogging, and some other names that are probably NSFW. However, I had a lot of “success” with my horses in that game and was rather proud of that before I got a real horse, and a real life LOL!

  2. I used to be OBSESSED with my fantasy horses!! I can’t remember the name of group I was with, but we were all AOL users, I believe. My farm was called Silver Meadows and my horses did every discipline imaginable, haha. Silverdrift was my prized Arabian stallion, and Princess Amitri was my “famous” Arab mare. lol this brings back memories!! I used to have so much fun “breeding” my horses and coming up with cool names. A Walk In The Park, Champagne Supernova…ah, I wish I could remember more! 😀

    1. Hah, I did an AOL email group too… I think it was called HOOF. Sim was so much fun way back when, especially for me who didn’t show any in real life at the time.

  3. I’m so excited that I actually won something! I guess I forgot to add my blog link to my comment last time…

  4. Love the names! You are creative 🙂 My dream horse, when I was little and asked Santa every Christmas for a horse, was a Palomino. I never thought far enough ahead of what his or her name would be!

  5. Cool names 🙂
    Not that I really want to own two freisian geldings, but if I did they would be called Shakespeare and Sherlock…

  6. Oh man! I remember playing Horseland when it was a semi-skeevy mostly text-based forum-ish thing. I would make Photoshop images of people’s horses for them.

  7. I still have a notepad with a list of horse names I wrote a long long time ago around here somewhere. That was always one of my favorite pastimes when I was a kid, coming up with the perfect name for the horse I’d have someday. You know some girls make up names for their future babies well it was basically the same thing only all my babies had four legs and manes and tails!

    If you’ve ever watched the Black Stallion Returns then you’ll know the horse I’m talking about but I always dreamed about owning the chestnut stallion ridden by Alec’s rival and friend. The horse’s name was Sagar (not sure on the spelling). I thought he was gorgeous!

  8. Yay! Thanks!

    Coming up with show names for my my pretend horses was so much fun for me. I, too, played the virtual horse games:)

  9. YAY!!! Thanks!!

    Did any horseless little girl not have an arabian stallion? Haha. Mine was Black Caspar, solid black with 4 stocking and a blaze. He was awesome at everything.

  10. Can’t say that I have played any online games, but the best name for a jumper I’ve ever heard was “No Parachute”. Heehee!

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