It rained all weekend, and what did I do?  I snacked and watched way too much Call the Midwife and Cake Boss on Netflix.  What should I have done to promote my riding education?  Learned a ton on Equestriancoach!  Since I want y’all to make the better choice, I’m really excited to bring you this giveaway today!


I first learned about Equestrian Coach when I audited the Bernie Traurig clinic last year. It’s a fantastic idea, and is a great way to get more knowledge from BNTs that you may have limited access to otherwise.  Here’s some info in their own words from the EquestrianCoach website:

Equestrian Coach was created to make quality education accessible and affordable to every equestrian, regardless of their background, their level, or their geographic location. Our philosophy is this: seek out the very best instructors in the world and youʼll get the very best online instruction in the world. We round up the most talented equestrians on the planet, capture their expertise on video and deliver it directly to you. The content is clear, concise and affordable, presented in the best quality available today. You can immerse yourself in a variety of lessons for hours at a time in the comfort of your home. You only have 10 minutes to spare? You can pick up a valuable tidbit and then go out and practice it with your horse right away. We have set out to become your powerful online resource, opening the door to knowledge and insight that, before now, only the very elite in the sport were privy to.

But how is the content you ask?  In my opinion, fantastic!  There’s something for every kind of rider with a variety of disciplines and topics covered.  You can even watch from your iPhone or iPad, so having George Morris yell in your ear while you’re riding your horse is a pretty realistic scenario here.  Plus, who hasn’t dreamed of that being attainable?  🙂


In fact, the folks at EquestrianCoach were kind enough to send over a full demo video for y’all to watch.  Hunters especially can rejoice, because here John French covers a topic I know a lot of us struggle with (mainly me) – improving our eye when jumping.

Hopefully by now I’ve perked your interest about this great resource – so I’ll announce the giveaway!

Equestrian Coach has kindly sent over five one month memberships for me giveaway!  This is a $29.99 value and will give you access to incredible instructional videos from great riders like Bernie Traurig, George Morris, Laura Kraut, Tim McQuay, Gina Miles, Rodrigo Pessoa and many many more.


It’s easy to enter to be one of the five winners – just leave a comment on this blog telling me what you need to work on the most in your riding right now and use the contest widget below to officially mark your entry!  Bonus entries are also offered for liking She Moved to Texas and EquestrianCoach on Facebook as well as sharing this contest on your blog or Facebook page.  I will close entries on Friday, March 13th at 12:00am US Central Time and announce them Saturday!

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Hope you all enjoy this one and good luck 🙂


  1. GREAT GIVEAWAY, LAUREN! What a cool idea! The things Dino and I need to work on most right now are being consistently round & steady in the bridle at all 3 gaits, and continuing to gain confidence over fences.

  2. Very cool giveaway! Moe and I need to work on like…eight hundred things, but mostly we need to work on not rushing to or from our fences. You know, because no one likes time faults for going too fast.

  3. What a great giveaway! I had no idea that equestrian coach even existed. Thanks for sharing! Scuba and I are currently working on going forward from my leg. Forwardness and expulsion 🙂

  4. The most I need to work on with my riding is time – spending the time on and with my horses, which the weather up here in the north is not helping with so far. 🙁

  5. I really need to work on motivating myself to RIDE – and ride actively! It’s hard to be inspired when you’re working on your own, in the cold, dark, and wind of winter… I’ve also had some confidence hits lately and would love to find some inspiration via this great tool!

  6. I need to work on pace and seeing my distances! I’m so inconsistent lately, it’s so frustrating!

    Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  7. this is an incredible product/service you’ve posted about! i have been looking for information like this and have posted it on my new blackberry messanger group (adult horseback riders learning) and will be posting it on my blog too! awesome!

  8. Great contest! This probably sounds very low level, but hey, I am still sorta a beginner: I really, really, really need to work on how to get my horse round and collected. Also, leg yields. They are things I really need to master to get my riding to the next level, and the sooner the better!

  9. Great contest ! I would love to win this to inspire my self and my students. Being a Trainer at Small H/JBarn . I don’t have lots of time to go to clinics and workshops. This would be a wonderful training tool . I could utilize in my available time.

  10. I’m an older ammy toying with the notion of hanging out my shingle as a pro – not b/c I fancy my skill set all that much but b/c there is such a dearth of H/J trainers in this area. I haven’t taught lessons in over 30 years (although I did a “test lesson” for free with someone last weekend who was kind enough to say she got a lot out of it), so what I need to work on isn’t so much riding – it’s INSTRUCTION. I’d love to pick the brains of the top pros to get ideas on how to explain some of these concepts! Many thanks to She Moved To Texas and Equestrian Coach for making this opportunity possible!

  11. I have a new horse and the first thing I am working on is getting my horse sound (he has some bruising in his front left and my shoer is keeping him in pads to help that right now). As far as riding, exercises to get him off his front end and onto his hind end. He is a dutch warmblood and heavy on his front end.

  12. What a great idea to bring together the video resources like this! I need to work on quite a bit, but the biggest problem right now is getting groundwork and manners to the point that I can get back in the saddle. And the rearing. That needs to end asap!

  13. Love this giveaway! What I need to work on the most: My hands are not very smart. I need to make them smarter. One of my ponies is very sensitive to aids to smart hands are required!

  14. I haven’t had a lesson with trainer in a year- So, just about everything! Actually I’m having saddle fit issues that have left me feeling balanced when I’m not really balanced. That and good canter departs.

  15. Great giveaway! I’ll have to check out this website regardless if I win a free month!

    I need to work on focusing on my horse, my riding, and my riding plan for the day when the arena is crowded with other riders (I get distracted wayyyy too easily!).

  16. Mostly I just need to work on my confidence with jumping. I know a lot of my problems stem from just that one thing, snatching the reins, jumping up the neck I only do it when I get super nervous.

    Great contest!

  17. I have a 4 year old warmblood mare that I started and I have found I need to sit up and look up more and not hinder her so much

  18. I watched the John French video from the post and thought it was super helpful! I sometimes wonder where I’m going to sit down and find the time but the sample video was short and to the point! And a great topic to boot 🙂

    • Ohh and I need to learn how to ride my new horse. LOL! …Effectively. I feel like I still don’t know what kind of ride he needs from me. It’s up to me to adapt to him. It’s up to me to make it easier for him.

  19. I have had success in the 3′ adult hunters but as I watch the junior equ 3’6″ and higher level jumpers I want to understand and learn more about the use of a slower shoulder over a “jumper” style jumps and the difference in body position for different disciplines.

  20. This sounds super helpful! Confidence is something I really need to work on, but my jumping position and pretty much everything having to do with dressage are also high on the list.


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