Today’s the day where we finish up all these qualifiers!  I’ll leave the voting up for about three days and then we’ll get to the semi-finals, woot!!

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The first match up today is also the final west coast qualifier.  Pony and a Payday covers aspects of various disciplines from hunter/jumper to rodeo while The Polka Dot Periodical focuses on Pongo, a beautiful leopard appaloosa eventer/dressage horse.  Cast your vote below!

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Moving on to the midwest, we have A Gift Horse versus My Mojito.  Will it be O, a beautiful appendix hunter/jumper mare or perhaps the crew of OTTBs and fancy Mojito himself?  Chime in now!

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Also in the midwest we have two very different blogs coming head to head.  Shy from Adventures with Shyloh is a rescued Haflinger with tons of personality and an amazing story, whereas eventing hopeful Riding Rainbow discusses her OTTB Lex, a LGBT perspective of the horse world as well as her other equine characters.  Should be a tight race – vote below!

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In the northeast/international category we have Polish dressage and groundwork enthusiast Bee and the Horse up against a self proclaimed “un-disciplined” (as in no concentrated discipline… not unruly!) baby OTTB trainer, My Ex Racers.  Tell me your favorite now!

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And finally we’re down to our last two matches in the southern category.  The first is a true Kentucky showdown with dressage/all around rider Woven Web Diaries squaring up against big ‘ol Houston B from Equestrian at Hart.  Which bluegrass blog is your bees knees?  Vote below!

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Last but not least is our final semi-final showdown.  A team of lovely Thoroughbreds at Hand Gallop versus relatively new blogger and hunter/jumper rider, The Working Rider. Help pick our final qualifier and vote now!

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