Equestrian Blogging for Money

Equestrian Blogging for Money

One of the most interesting (to me) comments I got from my anonymous “What would you say?” survey was the following:

It would be interesting to have a frank discussion of the money angle. Lots of us have ads on our blogs, and I know I keep track of the ad revenue from mine and tweak it to go up or down. I have hopes of at least chipping in for my horse’s vet fund someday but am nowhere near that yet. I kind of wonder how other people are doing – and how many people are blogging for the money as a primary reason, rather than secondary.

As soon as I read this I thought, “Ooo I can blog about that!”

First, let me be totally honest about something: when I started exclusively blogging about horses (instead of everything under the sun) at She Moved to Texas, I made that change because I wanted to see if I could make the blog popular and profitable.  I work in a marketing department, but I don’t get to do many aspects of online marketing that I would like to learn more of.  Therefore, I decided to use my blog as an online marketing playground.  I figured with a specific niche I knew well, I could target content for my audience.


Of course, that doesn’t mean I spit out robotic type posts.  I love to write and I love horses, so I tried to have that speak through.  Even so, I keep SEO in mind with keyword titles as well as best practices for blogging in general.

After the audience started to grow, I thought about money.  Would I love to quit my job and become a professional equestrian blogger?  Hell yes I would!  Do I make money from my blog?  Yes, I do… but the amount I make is pitiful.  I make money from the blog in three ways, which I will ballpark for you.


Online Ads

I have ads through Google Adsense on this blog.  There are tons of other ways to do it (that are more profitable), but Adsense is super easy.  Essentially once I set up the ads, I just let them go and forget about it.

My Adsense blogs are not super profitable and I also have not perfected optimizing them in anyway.  This is something I need to experiment with more in the future if I want to make more money.  As it stands now, I usually make between .50 – $1.00 a day (but usually much closer to .50).  You can do the math, but I’m definitely not getting rich off this!  Basically, the money slowly collects in my Adsense account and then a few times a year I get a surprise “happy” check, because they only payout in increments of $100.


Sponsored Guests Posts

These are much less frequent, but I get emails about third party advertisers looking to place sponsored content on my blog.  This puts their content in front of an established targeted audience, as well as builds organic links to help their SEO program.

For posting this content, I usually charge around $75.00 USD.  That sounds amazing right?  Free money for not writing anything!  However, I am very careful with these kinds of posts.  On this blog, I’ve only done it once.  Many of the partners aren’t appropriate for my audience.  Yeah I’m a horse blog, but I don’t blog about betting for horse racing.  Even if the content is approved by me, I still post a caveat saying that the post is sponsored content.  Too many sponsored posts, and y’all wouldn’t come here anymore.  So this is a rare type of blogging income, at least for me.


Free Products

My favorite “income” from blogging makes me happy, but doesn’t even come close to paying the rent… free products!  In the past I did a lot of reaching out to companies in order to get free products for giveaways.  That got old, so I just do giveaways when I feel like it or a company suggests it.

For product reviews, I will write a review in two circumstances.  One, I either LOVED (or hated) a product I bought and used myself and had a strong opinion about it.  Two, a company contacts me and asks me specifically to review something.  In that case, I don’t pay for the product and consider that blog earnings.

Just because I receive a product for free, doesn’t necessarily mean that I give it a glowing review.  Despite the fun factor, I try to be as objective as possible.


Those are the three ways I get revenue from this blog, but I certainly don’t blog for the money primarily.  While I started equestrian blogging to make a marketing experiment, I have decided recently I enjoy more doing fun to me content instead of “this will have X marketing results” content.  I still like the side money I make off the blog, but to grow that out more I’d have to make major changes such as domain name, branding, etc.  My blog is essentially a part time job as it is, and it’s important to me that I enjoy doing it.  Right now, I enjoy my mix of mostly horsey but other life stuff as well.  Anything I earn from it is a bonus.


Have you experimented with making money with your blog, or have questions related to blog revenue?

26 thoughts on “Equestrian Blogging for Money

  1. I have made quite a bit of money from adding content – it comes in waves. Sometimes I get loads of it and then a long dry spell. I could never live off it but it’s nice extra money when it comes.

    I miss out on a lot of product reviews being in Canada, but they are so much fun.

  2. As you know I’m unindexed so the earnings are not even lol. I put AdSense on my blog for the year just to see what happens, as I thought nothing is happening. It’s a neat idea though.

  3. Interesting. I work for an SEO company and am super familiar with sponsored posts, ads, PPC, etc. etc. However, I’ve never attempted to monetize my horse blog because I simply don’t have the time to put in to create great content that will keep people reading – it’s mostly for me to ramble incoherently and get things off my chest 🙂 I do recommend Google Adsense to everyone though! I had it on an older blog I used to write about fashion and every once in a while I received a nice $100 check 🙂

  4. Love this post! I am an equestrian, just not an equestrian blogger. Even though my blog is pretty new, I think I might add Google Adsense to my blog! $100 every once and a while isn’t bad!

  5. As most people know, I have a few partnered businesses that I give “ad space” to on my blog. However, when I first decided to do this I was very picky about which businesses and decided to limit myself to only 3. They are the ones I believe in most, can stand behind their products 110%, and I enjoy having a partnership with them. I make zero dollars off of it. I don’t blog for the money, and I don’t want ads all over my blog that I can’t/don’t control. If it’s not a business that I absolutely love, I don’t want them on my page. I do however get some product perks in exchange, which helps make it worth my while to do any of this in the first place. But I have absolutely no interest in blindly selling ad space… I want to reserve the right to be picky, control my content, and align myself only with businesses I feel are worthy of promotion.

  6. Thank you for writing this post! I have waffled about putting ads on my blog, but I generally think I don’t have a large enough audience for it to be profitable. I might try AdSense though.

    Really, it’s just nice to hear about how you approach different revenue generating options.

  7. Thanks for sharing! As you know, I’ve been interested in this topic as of late, so it’s great to hear a few details of what you’ve done and your opinion on the whole thing 🙂

  8. Very, very interesting! Thank you for sharing. I have AdSense on my blog and it’s been an interesting game to see how it goes up and down. Pennies, mostly, but it’s still a fun puzzle.

    I am trying to figure out how to approach for reviews…I have an idea for an experiment I’d like to do between some different examples of products and can’t spend the money to buy examples of each. I’ll have to keep mulling it over, I think!

  9. Now all these Giveaways make sense! I didn’t even know any of this is possible but I guess the longer you do it and the more followers you get, the more apparent the “money making” is. It’d be nice to blog daily and make a couple extra bucks but yeah… Too much commitment and so little time. I’ll leave it to you guys!

  10. Very interesting. I have adsense on my blog now but with how infrequent I have been posting I don’t really make anything substantial. The biggest perk had been the swag and ability to offer giveaways. I always review a product honestly which might make certain companies less interested in working with me but I’m okay with that. The best swag is always from companies i already love and posted about. There are a lot of great companies out there it’s just a matter of finding them. I have been contacted about some sponsored posts but found most of the content to be unagreeable and thus haven’t posted yet. I blog for me at the end of the day and the blogging community and the great people I have met are my favorite “perk”.

  11. Click on my ads please! LOL

    I do have adsense on my blog but even over many years of trying it has yet to pay. Making money from my blog would be a nice perk but clearly not one of my talents.

    I loved this post btw. And that last person? My new favorite person on the internet! Woot!

  12. I haven’t even bothered with Adsense. I don’t care to see ads and I don’t have the traffic to make it incredibly profitable, so why bug the people who take their time to read me? I focus on producing quality content (most of the time) and interacting with my readers. I think giveaways and reviews are super fun, and I know I’d get to do more of them if I was more proactive, but I just do what I have time for.

    This is an interesting topic. Well said.

  13. What an interesting read!

    In the beginning I attempted to reach out to people and gain readers, but too much time goes into it & I had zero in college. There are also already so many blogs online that are insanely popular that I gave up after a while. Especially because my writing can be lackluster ( I have NO idea how you do this full-time AND make it so interesting) and I can’t put forth the effort into a good layout etc etc

  14. The idea of earning a little extra money is nice but I would hate the pressure of feeling like I HAVE to blog. Sometimes you just need a break!

  15. i’m so glad you posted this! one of the reasons i started mine (last week… hah) was for a lot of the same reasons you are. i really like blogs of all varieties, and i wanted to be able to blog about my house, but i spend so much time at the barn that if it wasn’t a horse blog i wouldn’t have much to say 😛 i really wanted to make mine about being a horse person and still having a life, and diy stuff and houses and design and maybe some of the more technical aspects of blogging. i feel like the equestrian blogging community is still very old school style blogging – most blogs out there now are of the tutorial/pinterest world variety, but horsey bloggers mostly still talk about daily things. i want to combine theeeemmm. we’ll see if it works, i guess 🙂

    also your captcha is adorable and right now i’m having a really hard time not wanting to pick the orange kitty even though it’s not the right answer.

  16. Super fascinating! I’m pretty well-versed in SEO & affiliate marketing, AdSense & product placement marketing. But I haven’t even thought about venturing into that world with my blog yet. Mostly because it is new & doesn’t get a lot of traffic compared to my other blogs. However, eventually I’d love to be able to do some product reviews and such once I’m not such a small fry =)

  17. This is really interesting. I have never once thought about making money off my blog, nor do I think that I have the time or motivation to put into it the way you have (and for the record, you have done a wonderful job of keeping your blog fresh and interesting!). I started blogging to keep a record for myself, and now I just do it for the fun and the community.

  18. I run AdWords (the WordPress version of AdSense) on my blog. WordPress invited me to participate and I couldn’t see a real downside. It’s not going to pay the rent but it’s an extra $40 or so every month that goes toward horse expenses.

    I also get the occasional free product to review, which is nice.

    I started Equine Ink for fun so any additional benefits are a bonus!

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