Horze Fredrica Women’s Denim Breeches

Horze Fredrica Women’s Denim Breeches

It’s cold and dreary out.  Your horses are covered in snow.  If they’re not covered in snow, they’re standing in mud.  If they’re not standing in mud, it’s windy and cold.  If it’s not windy and cold you live in southern California or south Florida and you’ve won.

For the rest of us, we are tired of winter!  What makes winter a bit brighter?  Breeches!  Even better?  Free breeches!

Look at this model, doesn’t she look happy being outside in the warm in her lovely denim breeches?


If you want to be as happy as her, you should enter my latest giveaway sponsored by Horze!  With Horze’s help, I’m giving away a free pair of Horze Fredrica Women’s Denim Breeches. Hooray!

These denim breeches are great because they are super fashionable for going to the grocery store after the barn without looking like a crazy person (my personal favorite thing to do) plus they are great for riding because we will all be riding soon… in the warm… without snow!


The winner gets a dark blue pair of these denim breeches, and sizes come from 22-32 (US).  All you have to do to enter is comment on this blog post with a link to a Horze product that you’d like to try this spring!  Bonus ways to enter include liking us on Facebook and sharing a link on your blog or facebook page to this giveaway.

Maybe all this positive thinking about riding outside will warm the weather up?  Contest ends Thursday, February 5th at 12:00am US Central Time.  Good luck!

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74 thoughts on “Horze Fredrica Women’s Denim Breeches

  1. Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets funny looks for stopping at the grocery store in my breeches 🙂

  2. I’m a sucker for saddle pads! I’d try the Horze Toulouse Dressage Saddle Pad for showing this Spring in Black, although Chocolate Chip would look pretty awesome on Spotty as well! He’s the PERFECT walking advert since we cant go to a show without being stopped by his ‘fans’ every 10 feet!

  3. I want these breeches!!!! And Lily would love this blanket, given that we’re expecting yet MORE snow next week. I like the high neck and we officially need a heavyweight blanket. This one has 300 grams of insulation:
    I liked She Moved to Texas’s FB as Wait For The Jump (we have our own FB page too 🙂 ) and posted a link to this post on the Wait For The Jump FB page too.

  4. Omg I LOVE!!!!! Horze
    I am a Farrier and my husband is a Jumping and Dressage Trainer in LA. It is always so tuff to find full seat riding pants for him! Until I found HORZE! They fit him great and are reasonably priced. And I love there pants and paddock boots too, super comfortable.
    Now I’m obsessed with everything they have. We want to buy all new saddle pads for the upcoming show season and below is a link of what we would love to try out from Horse! They are even in our barn colors! That never happens! !!!! Going to make all of our training clients get them for the show too if there great.

    1. YES!!! I agree there mens selection is amazing. I can never find anything but then a friend told me about Horze!! now I am hooked

  5. Oh YA and I love love love love there sock selection! I can never find decent riding socks for my husband’s big feet that are argyle!

  6. I like those!

    I don’t usually get funny looks for the breeches, it’s my crazy socks that get me the weird looks. I’m addicted to those brightly patterned nylon boot socks, the crazier looking the better. I’ve gotten a few dirty looks at the grocery store for having horse hair coming off my shirt and falling into the produce, too. This is why you’re supposed to wash your vegetables, people!

  7. I would love to use the Horze Mexican Bridle on my current lease horse Radar! I think he would look gorgeous in it.

  8. I would really dig an Avalanche Combo Turnout Blanket — Apollo has thrashed all his blankets pretty well, and he could use a new winter blanket!

  9. I saw my wife looking at these SAME pants online just TODAY!!!!!! She told me all about them and how cute she would look in them. I would looking like a ROCK STAR HUSBAND if i won these for her.
    I also want to try out these great looking tall boots for schooling this season.

    Horze does not carry half chaps tall enough for me but if they did I would buy them because my wife’s look and wear great.

  10. Breeches? … Don’t you mean ‘Magic Pants”! They magically make you ride better, eliminate muffin-top and you look marvelous! Who doesn’t love them? Crazy people – that’s who! Go-go Magic pants! Love Horze!

  11. One thing that’s always a concern in our heat is keeping my horse’s back cool. Last summer I discovered the wonders of sheepskin saddle pads and how nicely they dissipate the heat. I always thought they’d make the back hotter, but in fact they seem to allow air to flow so much better. I’m now on a mission to have as many sheepskin-lined pads as possible, and I’ve had my eye on something like this one for a while: http://www.horze.com/other-pads/horze-sheepskin-numnah-pad/17636.html#OWH. Love it!

  12. I am obsessed with saddle pads! I would love to win these breeches though because I have been wanting to get a pair of denim breeches for forever.

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