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Contact Me

Have a question or comment?  Product you’d like me to review?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you shortly.

Some FAQs About She Moved to Texas

Do you accept third party advertising on the site?

Yes I do, but approval will depend on the kind of business/product you are wishing to advertise. I typically keep advertising restricted to equestrian related products and companies that target an audience for english riding.

I write blog posts for money! Can I write content for you?

Thank you for your inquiry, but I am not looking for any outside content at this time.

Will you publish sponsored blog posts to endorse a product or company?

I will publish sponsored content for a monetary fee, however I require that the blog post accompanies a disclaimer that I was compensated for the content and did not write it. I also will only publish sponsored content that I feel like will resonate well with my readers. Sponsored content typically needs to relate to horses, horse care or equestrian competition.

Can I send you my product for a review?

I love trying out new equestrian products and apparel! When sending a product to me for review, you are accepting that I will post my honest opinion about your product. I also ask for a 2-3 week time-frame when reviewing products, since I try to integrate them into a content schedule.

4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Lauren
    Love the blog!! Honest and funny; a super combination 🙂
    I am looking for a handful of bloggers to try the Daily Strides audio horse riding lessons program for three months and then review it afterwards. There is no fees involved…
    If you are interested, you can drop me a line to and I can give you more details there!
    Have a super day and thanks for the giggles!

  2. I am an inventor. I have designed a handle which allows a shovel or manure rake user to lift with the legs, not the lower back. I have a video of people using my tools at the American Royal. I am trying to get ideas from anyone who might help me connect with a tool vendor. I would like to show you the video (6 minutes long). May I send it to you? Thanks. Dreams are good.

  3. Hi Lauren, I found your blog today and I really enjoyed your down-to-earth style. I have a book I would like to send you for review. It’s quite unique and special, so I hope I can pique your interest.
    Very briefly, my husband and I rescued five horses and trained them (and us) to trek along part of the Bicentennial National Trail in Australia (with minimum support).
    What’s different about this book is that I am donating 50% of all proceeds to help rescue more horses. Initially, I will support the organisation from where we rescued/adopted our boys, then if sales continue I plan to help charities all over the world.
    I am a bestselling author and – early (pre-launch) reviews for this book are outstanding.
    If you are interested in reviewing my book and then including it on your website, please let me know. I’d prefer to send you a Kindle version to help keep costs down. I do hope to hear from you soon, my email is, Regards, Jackie

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