I’m doing some major downsizing, and need to get rid of a lot of horse stuff that is in decent shape but not something I use on a regular basis. If you’re interested in anything specifically, I’ll be happy to snag pictures. I’ll say that everything here is in working order, but isn’t necessarily a top brand. It’s the kind of stuff that I would have happily scooped up at a used tack sale when I was in school, if that makes sense. Prices do not include shipping.

English Tack

  • Medallion super quilt pad with either relief (looks like a 17″) – $15
  • Medallion super quilt half pad with pockets for shims/foam (M) – $10
  • Roma light blue/navy trim quilted AP pad (full) – $10
  • Black cotton baby pad (new) – $5
  • New Dark oil unlined stirrup leathers (145cm) – $20
  • Black plastic/neoprene hind jumper boots (M) – $10
  • Brown pleather/fleece galloping boots (slightly beat up – M) – $5
  • Brown pleather/fleece galloping boots (better condition – M) – $10
  • Dark oil beaded browband (cob runs large) with gray/burgundy colored beads and navy/pearl/silver beads – $25
  • Dark oil beaded browband (horse runs large) with gray/burgundy colored beads, navy/pearl/silver beads and black bead strand – $25
  • Black plastic jumper stirrups – $10
  • 6″ Korsteel French link loose ring – $10
  • 5 1/2″ korsteel french link egg but – $10
  • 5″ Centaur full cheek slow twist – $10
  • 5″ MetLab full cheek corkscrew – $10
  • Fillis traditional irons – free

General Horse Care

  • Tan horse fly mask (new) – $5
  • Black mesh fly hood with tassels for riding (new)- $5
  • Navy fleece polo wraps – $5
  • Black Lycra sleezy hood (large – repaired but good condition) – $20
  • 81″ Saxon 600D navy turnout sheet – $40
  • Black/white braided lead rope – free


  • Mountain horse 9.5 wide calf field boots (fits 17.5″ – 18″ calves) – $100
  • Brand XL New SmartPak Piper long sleeve show shirt w/purple polka dot detail (Runs large) – $20

Western/Other Tack

  • Dark oil Tory one ear western headstall – $10
  • 5″ metlab copper snaffle short shank curb bit – $10
  • White/green racing blinkers (Aimee sent these to me for a Halloween costume that never materialized, so I’d love to pay them forward to someone else in the blogging community!) – free and will ship for free


  1. Boots. I need the boots, as I am now down to wearing my Ovation river boots to ride in until I get the zipper fixed on my Mundials. And maybe the cob browband? Is this stuff still available? I know I’m late to the party.


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