Burned Out

Burned Out

I might have hit a wall.

Have been pushing through this lack of motivation/busy time of the year by continuing to ride 3-5 days a week.  In the (for me) blistering cold (okay, mid 30’s).  In the wind.  In the dark.

The rides have been a mixed bag.  We’ve been doing lots of complicated to us flat work, and sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s stellar.  Overall, productive stuff.


Then the weekend rolled around and while it was supposed to be low 60’s and sunny, I discovered the barn was more like high 40’s with gusts of wind.  And I was dressed for low 60’s.  And my horse had two days off.  And I decided that was a great day to work on rapid transitions… which we suck at.

You can imagine how awesome that ride went.


I was so grumpy at my crappy ride and being out in the cold that even watching Jen and Paddypants rock at the dressage show Saturday didn’t fully restore my mood.  Mood maybe 40% restored?

Drinking the bottle/s (who’s counting?) at our holiday party that night got the mood about 80% restored… or maybe just tricked.  Obscene amounts of $3 buck chuck does something to cloud one’s perspective.

So basically this is a long and rambling post to say that I had a really crappy ride on Saturday.  Sunday I sat on the couch and wished for death pouted all day.  The only barn I saw was this virtual one where I bought a virtual Simon who trots like he has virtual broken legs.


I need Christmas vacation stat.  Simon needs enough training rides to recover from my bad riding.  Until then, I’m going to debate the ever-so-important question, “Is it worse to give my horse two days off before a lesson or not do laundry for the second week in a row?”

19 thoughts on “Burned Out

  1. They have it on android too, I played it for a few days and then got bored lol. Why can’t they just make a realistic game? Why is that so hard? Funny post though. I’m sorry you had a bad ride- they happen to us all 🙁 It’ll get better!

      1. Dang it! Seriously though. I would kill for a realistic one. I think most horse people would. They’ve done a decent job of creating realistic horse racing games (G1 Jockey, some of the Gallop Racer games) but the jumping games fall flat every time! Cut out the cheesy crappy story! Let me have a realistic looking horse and realistically train it and realistically show it and breed it! Except in locations that I realistically can never afford. :}

  2. Could be worse….
    I’m going on 5 weeks of no work for my herd. The ponies are starting to turn feral and I’ve noticed a decided upswing in my personal bitchiness….

    Frickin winter.

  3. I think it’s that time of the year.. tho all my rides in the winter at in the dark and cold. Ugh the life of a working ammy!

    I keep motivated by thinking about Henry being stuck in his stall and not getting out to stretch his legs and that motivates me to get up there and get him out 🙂

  4. I play that game too! I’ve always been annoyed about the horse’s trot & neck position! It seems they think all horses are Saddlebreds (at least by the neck position).
    You should keep trying to get a realistic pony game made because most horse lovers would buy it!

  5. They can never get decent horse CGIs. There is a scene in the new hobbit movie where the horse is obviously a CGI and it completely threw me out of the moment.

    I hear you on the burnout. I’ve been feeling some myself only I don’t think I have nearly as many reasons. Sometimes it just hits you, though.

  6. I have been in the “burned out” stage plenty of times. Best advice I can give is to step away from it for a while until you’re ready to go back, and DON’T FEEL GUILTY about it. Chances are your horse could use a vacay too. Besides, after a couple of weeks away, you’ll both be ready and eager to get started again. Win-win!

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