Blogger’s Weekend Swag Bag Winner!

Blogger’s Weekend Swag Bag Winner!

I wish I had enough swag to give everyone a bag who commented on my swag bag review and giveaway post.  Alas, there’s just one so I shall announce the winner…

Congrats to Allison of Pony’Tude!  Shoot me an email and I’ll get your bag to ya 😉

Also, I wanted to create a pie chart from the comments on the last post.  Not just because pie charts are awesome, but also because this is helpful information for someone else wanting to host a blogger’s weekend.  This was a really fun event, and I encourage this community to get together more in the future!  It really is a unique and amazing group of folks.

Click to view the full size version

As for me, I can travel pretty much anywhere in the US with notice.  I’d love to join some blogger’s and get your take on blogger’s weekend!


9 thoughts on “Blogger’s Weekend Swag Bag Winner!

  1. Pretty sure that means Allison gets to host next year’s blogger meet up! Party at her house!

    (That’s how winning works, right? ;))

  2. I seriously am down to help host a CA meet up! Our house is tiny and I have two kids so I’m no help for accommodations but I’d be down to plan the rest 🙂

  3. I’m definitely down for California sometime relatively soon (summer? maybe in combo with a jumper show at Woodside so we can watch the GP?) . But like Karley (and very unlike Karley), I can’t host- I live with a bunch of roommates who are very unhorsey.

  4. Woop woop! Thanks Lauren! I’ll shoot you an email ASAP – and if people don’t mind camping out on my tiny couch/tiny apartment floor I’d be happy to host a meetup! 🙂

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