Adorable English Springer Spaniel Gifts on Etsy

Adorable English Springer Spaniel Gifts on Etsy

So I love dogs, that’s pretty obvious.  What may or may not be obvious to you, is my small shrine of English Springer spaniel stuff.  Everywhere I go, if I see a dog store I pop in and look for cool Springer stuff.  Obsessive?  Yes a bit maybe.

Another great place to look for unique gifts for the dog lover your life is online, and for that I like Etsy.  Stuff is hand made on there by different artists, and though I’m just going to feature English Springer Spaniel stuff on here today – they have zillions of breeds.  You can even find breeds that many major stores don’t carry, like pit bulls.  I got my future sister in-law some ADORABLE pittie magnets from Etsy last year.  They weren’t too expensive, a thoughtful little present, and money goes to the artist who made them.  Thumbs up!

Springer Spaniel Salt & Pepper Shakers – I actually have these and they are SO CUTE.  The thing I like about them, is that they’re not overly cutesy… and is actually a good representation of the breed, although it should be noted that they look better sitting on a shelf than they actually would be functional as salt & pepper shakers.

English Springer Spaniel Wood Art – how cool is this?  My grandfather used to carve things out of wood, and make puzzles and toys… this may be a sentimental favorite for me but is also a really nice photo realistic representation of the breed.  It’s a bit pricier at $150, but I think that’s a great price considering the amount of work that goes into something like this and it’s size – about a foot tall.

English Springer Spaniel Placecards – Too bad I found these only a week before the wedding, hah!  I don’t know what I’d ever use them for, but I just love that classic springer silhouette!

Whimsical English Springer Spaniel Pin – While I’m not a huge pin person, who could resist this happy little dog?  Eliot does a lot of flying leaps and bounds with the similar goofy expression on his face.  And for $13 you can’t beat a neat little custom made and glazed clay pin.

English Springer Spaniel At the Beach Print – When my springer is at the beach, he’s more joyfully bounding and rolling in the sand and water than he is sitting and looking pensive – but at the same time I really like this print.  It’s colorful and peaceful and features a beautiful springer!

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  1. Lauren,

    I will start by telling you that while I’ve visited your blog in the past, I’ve not had much time for looking at blogs lately so I just came back. I’m very glad I did because until today I had NO idea you had Eliot! The love of my life is my 11-year-old L/W Springer girl, Sunny (Omarvelous Sunshine, Blue Skies). Every single thing you’ve said about Eliot – I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I’m not sure if I’ve found all the posts with him yet but I have read everything from this year, so I know what’s currently going on. My heart is breaking for you and I’m really, really hoping things have improved since your last post.

    My Sunny is a mama’s girl extraordinaire. Your story about Eliot wanting to be with you when you fell off the horse – oh yeah, that would be my dog. She can’t STAND it when she sees me walk away from her if we’re out somewhere and throws a huge fit. At home she can always be found by my side. If I leave for more than a minute we have to go through the whole “happyhappyhappymommy’shome” dance and circling and tail-wagging and petting routine. She really hurts the rest of the family’s feelings sometimes. 🙂

    I am super-impressed that you were a foster home for ESSRA. They are a fantastic operation and I have thought about fostering for them myself, but funds have not permitted. I think Sunny’s mind would be blown if another dog moved in, as well!

    Sunny is not my first Springer, though. Starting as a teenager, the only dog I ever wanted was a Springer. I had never even MET one – just looked at a dog book and went, “THAT is the dog for me.” I clung to that dream all the way until I was 29 and married. Luckily, my husband agreed that they seemed like great dogs and so we acquired Sallie. She was an oversized (55 lb.!) B/W girl, with a LOT of energy and a bit of an attitude, but we adored our “first child.”

    Sallie had her first seizure at 9 mo. and it was severe. We had to start her on phenobarbitol right away. Her breeder, a vet who was just a casual breeder with one pair of Springers, said they’d never had an epileptic pup before so why she turned out that way was a bit of a mystery (but the parent dogs were not old enough to say for sure THEY weren’t epileptic, alas). I will spare you the entire saga but much to my husband’s and my extreme sorrow we wound up having to put her to sleep at 16 mo. old. It was just heartrending, so bad, in fact, that I wasn’t certain I’d ever have another dog.

    However, when my children were about five and six we knew it was time. We got Sunny from a small breeder in Cleveland (we live in MO) after a 6-mo. search and she, *knock on wood LOUDLY*, has been healthy for most of her life. We had a knee blowout that had to be repaired but otherwise she has been wonderful. She was diagnosed low-thyroid earlier this year (just like me, oddly) and I’m still trying to get her coat back to its former glory. I keep all her feathers on, too… do her grooming myself. I haven’t got a horse yet so she stands in, LOL!

    Everywhere I take my dog people exclaim over her and how sweet and pretty she is. A lot of them say, too, “I used to when I was a kid/my mom used to/my uncle used to have a Springer!” SO MANY PEOPLE have said that. I’m betting you hear that, too. Why did they fall out of favor? Springer Rage Syndrome. It’s such a terrible shame that this breed we love ever had this happen! [And I will refrain from commenting on breeders who have allowed it] I myself am firmly convinced that both the epilepsy and the rage are clearly brain wiring gone amiss. It wasn’t my fault, it’s not your fault and the poor doggies really and truly have no idea what is happening to them.

    I have also learned over the years that many people don’t trust Springers on sight, mainly those who work with a lot of dogs – like vets, groomers and boarding facilities. It makes me really sad that they are surprised when Sunny is good. She’s not a champ about having her feet handled but otherwise has been fine. Well, I shouldn’t say that; lately she’s been going into hysterics when she has to stay at the vets for any length of time (crying and pacing and biting the crate bars – yes, she’s fine in a crate at home and was crate-trained practically from birth). They’ve had to tranq her but luckily she goes completely blotto on a half-tab of Ace so it’s not a big problem.

    Again, I am so hoping that the medication and and behavior modification have been helping with Eliot. I know how I would feel if my Springer, my heart dog, was having the same problems. You are doing a wonderful job of trying everything possible to keep your situation workable.

    My heartfelt best wishes to ALL of you in your family. – Tracie (riderwriter13 at

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