Absorbine ShowSheen Try-Pak Giveaway!

Absorbine ShowSheen Try-Pak Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended.  View the winners here – ShowSheen Giveaway Winners

It’s that time of year. Show season is right around the corner, and you spend half your time training intently and the other half of the time crossing your fingers that it doesn’t rain your first show out. In the middle of all this, you go to get your horse out the pasture and he looks a bit like this…


Eek! To help turn the swamp creature back into your darling show horse, Absorbine is sponsoring a giveaway! You could be one of 5 winners for their new travel sized ShowSheen product, Try-Pak!

This limited edition product takes your favorite ShowSheen ring essentials and puts them in a convenient size to pack for shows! The ShowSheen Try-Pak offers 4 oz. travel sizes of our best-selling ShowSheen Hair Polish, plus ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener and 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner.


Even if you’re not into showing, these products will get your horse clean and sparkling. I’ve been a ShowSheen user for years, and love how soft and good smelling it leaves my horse’s coat 🙂

How to enter? Just leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite ShowSheen product is, or if you haven’t used them before which you’re curious about! Want a bonus entry? Share a link to this giveaway on your own blog and comment back here with a link to your share – you can double your chance to win this great grooming giveaway!

I’ll draw winners Wednesday, April 24th – good luck!

46 thoughts on “Absorbine ShowSheen Try-Pak Giveaway!

  1. Growing up with a flea-bitten grey (minus any sign of the flea-bitten part, for all intensive purposes he was white) I went through Showsheen stain remover and whitener like it was water. Pony club insisted I have a shiny horse, unfortunately my horse preferred to be green and brown. Luckily showsheen got me through all those tough stain times.

  2. I love ShowSheen. When my mom’s horse was living with me, I had to handle the thickest, curliest tail I’ve ever touched. I wouldn’t have been able to detangle it and keep it looking nice without ShowSheen. It’s the best.

  3. Bahaha. I love L. William’s approach to entering the contest. I’ve actually never used the products myself but other people at the barn do. I’m always intrigued by whiteners because I’ve only ever used one once on Walker’s itty bitty pasterns, but I was very impressed with the result!

  4. I love Showsheen! I have been using their products for years! My #1 fave is their detangler and coat shine. I love the whitener too but now that I have a horse without a white hair on his body it’s not a necessary part of my life. It was a lifesaver when I was showing my Arab, though!

  5. Two products I use the most in the ShowSheen line would be the good old fashion detangler and the Stain remover (#whitehorseprobs). I’ve never tried their shampoo (I tend to stick with whitening shampoo), but I would certainly love to try it!

  6. I don’t think I have tried any ShowSheen products, but I am interested in the stain remover anf whitening for Shy mane and tail.

  7. As the owner of a white horse, I pretty much used to own stock in the whitener shampoo. And for a really snarly tail, there’s nothing better than ShowSheen. That stuff lasts forever and keeps their tails from forming those attractive dreadlocks. Love it!

  8. Being a money poor horse owner I actually haven’t tried ShowSheen. Although, almost every other horse person I know has used it and has had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. So it is definitely on my “have to try” list. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  9. No showing here… just self respect at stake. ;D Oh yeah – grey horse = need lots of cleaning products, especially those that can remove the dreaded yellowish tail. While said tail is magnificent in volume and length, cleanliness… not so much. Thanks for the opportunity. (will link back in this evening’s post)

  10. What Fun!
    Popped On Over From CFS Blog.
    MY SISTER HAS A WHITE Rescue Mare..D’Apple… That Stain Remover Looked Like Something That Could Help Us With Her LOVE Of The Crud!

  11. I use Show Sheen for detangling tails, especially when they’re encrusted with burrs. It makes the job easier if you let it sit for a while then de-burr. (hopped over from CFS)

  12. Sooo.. I was doing my catch-up on Google Reader this morning and kept wondering why everyone and their mother was telling me about your contest. Got it! Good marketing, lady!

    I use the.. uh.. Original? For Archie’s tail. I didn’t think about it much before I moved to Bug Central (sorry, L. Williams, for what you’ll soon have to endure), but the tail has the propensity to get all dreadlocked from swatting at flies. So, periodically, I try to treat and prevent this massive snarl with the detangler stuff. 🙂

  13. I love the original ShowSheen the best, mostly because of good childhood memories of my first shows. It was a ring-side staple, getting one or two last spritzes before trotting to the in-gate!

    I’ll post a link on my blog with tomorrow’s post! eventingincolor.blogspot.com

  14. I braid my friend’s horse a lot and he has four manes. He has mane on each side and its so thick on both sides that when you brush it, you have to lift up the part you brush, and brush the mane under that. It is wavy as well, so it likes to curl into dread locks. It takes forever to brush out. I would love to get some show sheen detangler into his mane!!

  15. My favorite ShowSheen story is actually one of ShowSheen gone wrong. It was back in the day with my first horse. We would show everything, halter…english…western…games. Well, I guess I used ShowSheen on his whole body because we had halter classes…including under the saddle area. Fortunately we got away with it all day…at least until the games. I was entered in ride-a-buck. Bareback and a dollar bill under your thigh…last one with their dollar wins the pot. Needless to say, at some point the dollar was no longer under me. And neither was my horse.

    Love ShowSheen. I’ve owned two greys and a buckskin. The stuff works miracles! Just remember, friends don’t let friends put ShowSheen in the saddle area! 😉

  16. I am adopting a grey OTTB in the very near future I feel that ShowSheen Stain Remover & Whitener will be my best friend.

  17. The stain remover is amazing. My trainer has a giant grey horse that only manages to sleep in his poop at shows, it works miracles when she asks me to take it off of him!

  18. I love showsheen, my favourite is definitely the detangler, but i’d be really interested in using the Stain Remover and Whitener… because, believe it or not, right now my Paint’s white legs are more yellow and brownish… SUPER attractive; REALLY awesome… sigh.

  19. Awesome!

    I have used the detangler before, and I love it. But the product I am really interested in is the stain remover!

    Grey horse problems!

  20. Showsheen show shine!
    I got a bottle from the states before it came to Aus, and I haven’t looked back yet. Easily the best detangler/shiner on the market.

  21. I love ShowSheen! I don’t use it everyday but it is a lifesaver and a must-have for shows! There is always a bottle on our trailer and it is a show day staple.

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