About Me

I moved to Texas in June, 2010.  Specifically – Austin, Texas.  People here wear a lot of orange, and listen to music.  I’m not a fan of the orange, but pretty much everything else rocks.

Prior to Austin life had been pretty good, but my first few years here were the happiest of my life. I married my husband in October 2010, we bought a house in April 2011 and I acquired the world’s best OTTB (Off the track Thoroughbred) horse in July 2012. For years we enjoyed the city, worked on our house, played with our dogs (plus a 3rd one Tim let me bring home) and I spent a lot of time riding hunter/jumpers and horse showing my horse, Simon.

In June 2015 everything changed. I became a widow at the age of 30, and my entire life fell apart. Now I’m trying to press on by myself with my small herd of animals. Life is confusing, sad and complicated right now… but it’s still a life worth living.

On this blog you’ll find a lot of posts written about horses, because I primarily wrote about my equestrian life for years. Now it’s a mix of what it’s like to be a young widow, a chronicle of my life and of course – adventures with all my animals.