A Very SMTTexan Contest

A Very SMTTexan Contest

We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of this blog being dedicated to my Simon pants and me actually blogging consistently.  I have a series of posts planned to share some fun facts and figures with you as well as some little tidbits I’ve learned during this grand blogging experiment.

When I started SMTT 2.0, I didn’t have much of a goal in mind.  I wanted a blog that people would read, and I wanted a little validation for writing nearly every day.

The thousands of comments, multiple contests, shout outs from BNTs and everything else I’ve received from this blog have completely blown my expectations away.  This is cheesy, but I feel so proud of this little spot of cyber space!


None of these successes would be possible without you readers, so to celebrate you I’m hosting a contest!  There is no fancy sponsor,  just me providing a product that I like to the winner!

The Contest!

I want you to send me something that you think embodies the spirit of this blog.  Okay, that’s super vague… but it’s kind of supposed to be.  I write about my adventures with Simon attempting to overcome our struggles, DIY horse projects and the horse world in general.

When you visit this blog, you walk away with something … maybe education, maybe happiness or annoyance – who knows!  Take that something, turn it into something tangible and share it with me!

Some ideas:

  • Share a horse DIY project you made from ideas or tutorials on SMTT
  • Write something (poem, short story, narrative essay)
  • Take a special photo that shows you overcoming your struggles
  • Draw/paint/create something

In other words, be creative!

How is the winner chosen?

One submission = one entry.  You don’t have to share to get any extra points, just send me something creative!  I will choose my favorite, and possibly some honorable mentions depending on funds.

The Prize


The winner will get a SmartPak Lite AP Saddle Pad in their color choice with their monogram of choice.  If you only ride dressage, I will give you a SmartPak gift card in a comparable value.  If you live outside of the US, we will figure something out!

When are entries due?

I must receive all submissions by 12:00pm US Central Time Saturday, December 21st and will announce a winner on Sunday, December 22nd. To enter, just email me your entry!

I hope you all enjoy this contest and prize!  It’s just a little way I can try to say thank you for all the support in the past year 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Very SMTTexan Contest

  1. Congratulations on hitting the milestone!! How exciting!! I’m so happy you stuck with it, I’ve enjoyed your blog so much and it’s definitely one of the blogs that inspired me a ton, especially to start riding English and more. I’ll be sending in something, for sure. 🙂 (Plus it’s very convenient for me since I desperately need a new pad so I can actually RIDE english again lol!)

  2. I love your blog! and your topic mix. I’m never organized enough to follow through on contests, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love reading! Congrats on a full year of Simon focused fun.

  3. Lord knows I need another pad like a whole in the head, though I do love the SP AP Lite pads, I have 3! But I love your blog because your journey has many parallels to mine and it’s ALWAYS nice to know you’re not alone. Congrats!

  4. I’m still grounding myself from contests right now, but congratulations on a successful reboot! I love reading your blog and following your story.

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