50/50 Media Progress

50/50 Media Progress

In my overly ambitious goals post for the year, I said that I wanted to see 50 movies and read 50 books. As it stands, I’ve made good progress in that area. People have suggested in the past that they like to hear what I’m reading, so I’ll share how things are going with you.

Books have been dominated by school assignments, which is both great and annoying. Great because I’m reading things I might never have picked for myself, but annoying because I’m currently staring at a stack of about 20 books I’ve been dying to get through but haven’t been able to touch. Either way, here’s where I’m at… and I’ve decided to write them as haikus. You’re welcome.

Books Read


No Name in the Street by James BaldwinNonfiction/Memoir
Professors love him,
a great voice for our nation
with misogyny.

H is for Hawk by Helen MacdonaldMemoir
Grief and love and birds,
This book packs so much in it.
Great craft and research.

Fire Next Time by James BaldwinNonfiction/Memoir
They really love him,
and it’s not that he’s not great…
but something else please?

A Stitch of Time by Lauren MarksMemoir
Brain injury book,
the story of losing words
and getting them back.

Girl In Glass by Deanna FeiMemoir
Know the $1 mill babe?
Premature, 25 weeks.
Struggle with new life.

Truth and Beauty by Ann PatchettMemoir
Two white, writer friends
become famous writer friends,
and codependent.

Draw Your Weapons by Sarah SentillesNonfiction
Can one be passive?
Is violence ever needed?
Pairings of questions.

HAIKUS ASIDE… I loved this book. This book is beautiful. Get this book if you are fascinated and horrified and scared of violence, war and weapons. Important read in my opinion.

Unspeakable by Meghan DaumPersonal Essays
These were a mixed bag.
The first made me hold my breath,
but others were meh.

Movies Watched


And as for movies, well I’m out of brain power for haikus so I’m just going to list these with emojis (my blog my rules!)

I, Tonya – 😎
Call Me By Your Name  – 🙂
Down the Fence – 😎
Phantom Thread – 😯
Loving Vincent – 😮
The Post – 😕
Fifth Shades Free – 😈
The Circle  – 🙄
Black Panther  – 😀

6 thoughts on “50/50 Media Progress

  1. I loved H is for Hawk but my book club haaaaaaaated it. Like, hated it so much I didn’t get another pick for two years.

    I find James Baldwin really terrific in short, small doses.

  2. Just based off the haikus my interest is piqued by the Helen Macdonald, Lauren Marks and Sarah Sentilles books. I read State of Wonder by Ann Patchett a couple summers ago and it didn’t really leave me wanting more from her, in spite of the premise sounding like it’d be right up my alley.

    I was wondering how Phantom Thread might be after I saw some of the shorts on Oscars night, but it looks like The Post wasn’t so great? I liked the looks of the trailers – may have to try and find that one for free.

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