5 Weeks of Giveaways – Week 5 Bundle of Goodies

5 Weeks of Giveaways – Week 5 Bundle of Goodies

I’m a little give-awayed out, but this is the final week so we have to end with a bang!  Before ending with a bang, I must announce the (Semi) Custom Ear Bonnet winner!

SprinklerBandit!  Now I have to get busy crocheting a navy bonnet with white trim for a little Courage face.  Congrats!

Others don’t fret though, because for this final giveaway I’m donating a trio of items including…

A custom bonnet!  A custom mini painting!  A photography art print!

Jodi's mini painting from the first week of giveaways
Jodi’s mini painting from the first week of giveaways

That’s right – three prizes for three winners!  I will draw one winner for each prize.

Entering is (again) super easy.  Just comment on this blog post with which item you hope to win the most and make sure you enter in the Raffle Copter widget below.

Paint all the tiny canvases!
Paint all the tiny canvases!

I hope y’all have enjoyed these giveaways!  I have a lot of work to do to get all the prizes out, but it’s been super fun trying to get everyone treats 🙂

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62 thoughts on “5 Weeks of Giveaways – Week 5 Bundle of Goodies

  1. It would be so great to have a mini-painting of Oli! Of course one of your fabulous bonnets or prints would be lovely too!!

  2. I would love a mini-portrait! I’d love to have a little painting of Duke on my desk! Thank you so much for having these wonderful giveaways 🙂

  3. I would LOVE a mini-Paddy, and a fly bonnet for Brego. And of course, one of you FABULOUS pictures! I think you might have one or two of Paddy somewhere… 😉

  4. I’m a secret lurker, but I so long for a mini painting!

    What beautiful work. So many talents you possess!

  5. I’m still dying for an ear bonnet! And its super awesome that you have been so generous with give always! Thanks!

  6. Such an awesome idea for all of the giveaways! I have to admit the thought of a pink and navy ear bonnet is still kind of with me…

  7. Oh man, what a great way to end this! I still think that Marshall could use a custom bonnet with some pretty pink sparkles… I think I’m forgetting he’s a gelding XD

  8. I don’t know how this is the only contest I have entered out of ALL of your weeks on contests. But whatevs, I would love to win any of those! They are all such cool gifts!

  9. I would most love to win a bonnet! Riley (or his mom…) loves bonnets dearly. I use one almost every day but it doesn’t fit him that well! Thanks again for doing the giveaways, so fun!

  10. Oh man I want them all! But mini painting? Also from the the comments looks like you could sell custom bonnets and quit your day job 🙂

  11. I would looooove one of those crochet bonnets! Or a mini painting… or a nice horse picture. Really, it’s all related to horses, therefore I’m interested in all of it

  12. I would love a mini painting of B, BUT! I know he’d like a nice little bonnet to help keep his ears warm in the winter during our trail rides… And if it matched our side-pull and pad and boots and bells… I’d be totally okay with that. Never too much teal!

  13. My new horse doesn’t have a fly bonnet. I spent $200 at the tack store today buying brushes and leather cleaner and halter and lead rope and fly spray, etc. It would be great if Santa (Lauren) came early for Knight. He’s been a very good boy.

  14. I think I’d have to go with the mini painting b/c it is so personal and who wouldn’t want a tiny painting of your horse where you can admire him when you’re not at the barn?????

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