5 Weeks of Giveaways – Mini Horse Portrait!

5 Weeks of Giveaways – Mini Horse Portrait!

Last week, I shamelessly begged y’all to like my Facebook page so I could hit 500 fans… and I did!  I think that’s a cause for a celebration 🙂

Since I couldn’t decide on just one prize, I wanted to offer 5 weeks of giveaways to celebrate 500+ Facebook Fans!  Funds are tight, but I’m trying to offer personal prizes that I think y’all will like and won’t break my bank 🙂


The first of those is a miniature custom painting of your horse!  I talked about my love/hate relationship with art last month, but I do still love miniature paintings.  This week’s prize is a custom painting on a miniature square canvas (either 2″x2″ or 3″x3″) of your horse taken from your favorite photo.


Entering is easy!  Just leave a comment on the blog telling me which horse you’d pick to get a custom painting if you were to win.  Make sure you comment and tell the Raffle Copter widget that you did.  I will choose a winner via Raffle Copter on Friday, September 12th so enter before then!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and thanks for being a She Moved to Texas fan 🙂

62 thoughts on “5 Weeks of Giveaways – Mini Horse Portrait!

  1. RuPaul needs his own picture. I have ten bajillz of Red, including a paper cut, but Bobby is kind of lacking in this house.

  2. I am the worst at taking photos, so I would need one of my horse Cally. Since there are so few photos of him around!

  3. I would get Hampton done of course! 🙂 He loves having his photo taken. It would simply boost his ego to have a portrait done!

  4. My overgrown pony Gus! He’s got the cutest little heart on his face! We almost lost him this past spring due to some unknown freaky illness (106 temp for 5 days and a visit to GA Vet school….) and he LOVES attention- what better way to give him attention than a cute little mini portrait of Himself??? 🙂

  5. I don’t own a horse, but I’d love one of my dog. He has had a rough year with having spinal surgery and then being diagnosed with Proteinuria. He is my only animal and is my heart dog.

  6. I would love one of Armani because he’s the first horse I’ve owned as an adult and more of a dream horse than I ever thought I’d have. He’s also a nut and full of character and we have a great connection. Also, I have almost no art in my house at all and it’s sad. Custom mini-art would be so incredibly appreciated!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a really, really awesome prize and I hope I win!! If not, please let us know if you do them for commission! =D

  8. I’d pick a painting of my pinto/arabian mare Peanut. She’s just got so much personality that I can’t imagine my life without her!!!

  9. Oh man, that’s tough… Mr. Spot or Paddykins? Hmmm…

    And I LOVE the mini of St Charles Cathedral in New Orleans! It’s perfect!

  10. I would have one done of my super fabulous Punctuate also known as “X” . You have a great blog by the way!

  11. Hi, I would love a painting of my sweet gelding Ricky Bobby. We have been together about a year now and our bond is really starting to grow. He’s my heart.

  12. I would love to have a painting of my heart pony, Riley. He means the moon and stars to me, and I can’t help but break into a cheesy grin every time I see his smiling face, whether it’s in person, digitally or on my wall! I would cherish a painting of him and I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying it would almost certainly be on display for the remainder of my life.

  13. I would want a mini done of my horse Pip… He was never my first choice but has always been my steady Eddie…. Keeping me riding when my heart was no longer in it and being a lovable goof when I just wanted to cry. I’m not sure when exactly I fell in love with him but I’m all in now 😉

  14. I’d do a picture of my Holly, she’s the dream horse I never thought I’d get as a kid. She has shown me how much I can grow. And she’s Purdy 😉

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