2nd Blogaversary – Top Posts of 2014

2nd Blogaversary – Top Posts of 2014

The 2nd Blogaversary continues! I present to you my top posts of 2014 according to site traffic!


1 – How to Crochet a Horse Fly Bonnet

This is actually a really, really crappy tutorial. I’m sorry SEO traffic. I’ll try to make a better one in 2015! You know, one with better pictures and some sort of actual pattern. Read Crochet Horse Fly Bonnet Post »


2 – Equestrian March Madness 2nd Qualifier

Ah… equestrian March Madness. That was interesting, and fun and a lot of work and will probably never happen again. So hopefully y’all enjoyed it the first time! If someone wants to do this next year – feel free to take the torch. Read Equestrian March Madness »


3 – I Kept A Secret

Getting interviewed by Chronicle of the Horse was totally my best internet moment so far. Let’s be honest – probably ever. I don’t know if anything in 2015 will top this. See the Chronicle Interview Post »


4 – Death of the Equine Photographer? Part I

I really, really liked this series. Part I talked about my experience photographing horse shows professionally, and some big problems with the industry. See Death of the Equine Photographer »


5 – What You Would Say On Your Blog! Part I

Ah, a controversial post where some people got really upset with me… fun! For better or for worse, I thought the Anonymous Blog Survey posts were pretty enlightening and certainly interesting. Read Anonymous Survey Results Part I »


6 – Kill Them With Kindness

Funny that this immediately follows the Anonymous Blog Survey, because I wrote it in response to some feelings I had about blogs and blogging during that time. I guess the moral of the story is that you can’t please everyone? Read Kill Them With Kindness »


7 – A Plethora of Half Pads

My name is Lauren, and I’m on the search for the perfect half pad. This is a non-sponsored non-comped product review about my half pad obsession. Read All About Half Pads »


8 – Real Equine Professionals – Jessica

A lot of people have asked me about my work experience at SmartPak. For me, that’s a story for over drinks instead of a blog so I had former co-worker and amazing SmartPak ambassador Jessica tell us about her experience! Read About Working at SmartPak »


9 – Me Asking Why

In light of some recent tragedies in the eventing world, hunter/jumper me poses some questions forward about eventing and eventers. Lots of interesting discussion in the comments here. Read the Comments That Are Better Than My Post »


10 – 2014 CTHJA Year End – Saturday

I fall off at a horse show! I am terrified! Everyone enjoys reading about it! This one still stings… sigh. Maybe next year I will give y’all less Schadenfreude to enjoy? Read About My Terror & Fall »

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  1. I’m pretty psyched you posted this list so I can catch up on these, having only started following along mid-year! Bummer you won’t be doing the march madness again next year – I was looking forward to getting in on the action! I’m sure it was a CRAZY amount of work though!

  2. march madness was pretty much the best – i found SO MANY awesome blogs through it! so, uh, thanks for slogging through all the work 🙂

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