1st Blogaversary – Top Posts of 2013

1st Blogaversary – Top Posts of 2013


1 – Horse Show Ribbon Recycling

Lots of images pulled from Pinterest to showcase different ideas that upcycle show ribbons! I just want to have enough ribbons to utilize some of these ideas personally 🙂 Read Horse Ribbon Recycling Post »


2 – Horse Sex Offender List

So, the internet is full of pervs apparently (shocker). Either that, or people are really concerned about avoiding horse sex offenders… either way, this is a purely innocent post about cleaning my horse’s sheath for the first time. Read my Sheath Cleaning Adventures »


3 – Horze Club Jacket Giveaway

No secret here… people love free stuff! This giveaway, sponsored by Horze, gave away three free equestrian fall jackets to lucky winners. See Original Giveaway »


4 – Equestrian Tattoos

Wanting to get some fresh ink? Check out this collection of images for equestrian inspired tattoos. I still want to get my champion ribbon tattoo… See Equestrian Tattoo Ideas »


5 – Model Horse Showing I – My Hobby Confession

I finally spilled the beans about my past secret life showing model horses. This kicked off my 6 week “Model Horse Mania” series to show all you real horse people a bit of what life is like on the miniature side. Learn about Model Horses »


6 – Real Equine Professionals – Lauren

Read about my former NCSU equestrian teammate, Lauren Hill, who is a hunter/jumper trainer in North Carolina. Lauren competed in the 2013 International Hunter Derby finals, which is super cool, plus she has some advice for anyone who takes lessons! Read Lauren’s Interview »


7 – Styles, Trends and Observations at WEF 2013

Local Texas hunter/jumper shower goes to WEF, takes a lot of pictures, and comes back to report on what she thinks is going on. I may be wrong about everything, but at least there are pretty pictures. Read WEF Styles & Trends Post »


8 – Bernie Traurig Clinic

So true story – I audited the Bernie Traurig clinic, took pictures and notes and then posted about it on my blog. A few days later, Bernie Traurig shared it on his Facebook page and I squealed like a fan girl. The end! Read Clinic Write-Up »


9 – Saddle Fund

I needed to sell some tack, so I wrote up a list and posted it. Then I posted that to FB groups… which is probably why it made this top 10 list. Fun times. See the Tack I No Longer Need to Sell »


10 – Real Equine Professionals – Crystal

Another North Carolina friend, Crystal, does great things with some amazing dressage horses. Interview questions about her job as a barn manager and more in the dressage world. Read Crystal’s Interview »

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