1000+ Posts and Some Direction

1000+ Posts and Some Direction

I don’t pay close attention to post count, so I missed the official 1,000 mark milestone. In the roughly seven years I’ve had this blog, I’ve written about everything from rat infestations to dog tumors and of course my beloved Simon. Some years I’ve written as many as 300 posts, while others I’ve barely scraped up ten. Mostly though, I’ve been obsessively consistent at bringing you all kinds of horse related content since late 2012.

Although at first I didn’t think I would be, I’m proud of over 1,000 posts. I have always had a tendency to create and ditch blogs (see various side projects that have fallen to the wayside). For me to stick with this domain for so long is an accomplishment in itself. If it wasn’t for all of you amazing readers spending your lunch breaks and traffic jams reading my content, I would have quit long ago.

I have mixed feelings on the content I’ve created here. Some ideas I concocted with blog friends were silly and fun in the ways I wanted them to be. Sometimes I acted or wrote a certain way so I could try to fit in with the “cool bloggers,” and it took me a while to realize that I’m never going to be an equestrian fashionista or “tack ho.” That’s okay. I’m me, and I can pretty much tell you that there’s only one Texan plus sized widow hunter princess with an OTTB jumper out there.

I’ve written multiple posts about what to do with this blog, sometimes asking for opinions and sometimes thinking out loud. At times I’ve thought about setting it aside in pursuit of “real” writing, but I’ve never been ready to call it quits. For someone who needs consistency to excel in life, this blog has been like a friend to me in my unstable personal world. When I write, I don’t think of anyone in particular or even the collected group. She Moved to Texas is an entity to me. Someone I talk to, think about and plan with. It’s not a novel, but I feel as closely attached to it as writers do to their fictional characters.

With that, you’ll notice I’ve done a little rebranding. I haven’t changed the layout since 2015, and I decided to take advantage of a slick new theme I found to upgrade. That’s why your blog feed was cluttered with beauty blog posts spammed from me all in one minute – the template I installed came with some pre-loaded content. Rest assured, my change in direction has nothing to do with how to get flat abs or select the right clothes for your shape. The new theme has encouraged me to do some much-needed organization, so hopefully it will be easier to find specific types of posts now.

When I started this blog 1,000 posts ago, I wrote about whatever I wanted when I felt like writing. Now seven years later, I find myself doing the exact same thing. I changed the tagline from “A Horse Blog in the Lone Star State” to “A Blog About Love, Loss & Horses” because that’s what I find myself wanting to blog about these days.

I write a lot about loss here and the aftershocks on my heart from losing Tim, but if you’re listening carefully – you know it’s really a blog about love. Love is both the creator of loss and the combatant to it. You can’t have one without the other, and for me horses are a constant fiber that help weave it all together.

So this formal declaration of newness isn’t really a declaration at all. I will still be here writing to my little blog, and whoever wants to jump on for the ride can join me.

31 thoughts on “1000+ Posts and Some Direction

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since I discovered it (and I can’t remember when that was)! I look forward to continuing to read SMTT, and I hope we can hang out in person again sometime!

  2. We must have been on the same wavelength to both write about branding today! Congrats on 1k posts. It was your blog that in part inspired me to start blogging myself, so I’m thankful you’ve continued to lead us on this journey.

  3. I’ve loved your blog for forever and will continue to do so as long as you keep writing… whatever you write about!

  4. You’re literally the only blog I check to read every single day. My favorite blogger by far. I love the rebrand. 🙂

  5. She Moved to Texas is an entity to me too, far away in Australia. I’m excited to keep reading along. I think your blog is about hope and fortitude as well. congratulations on 1000+

  6. Awesome, I like the new layout! Glad to have you continuing with writing whatever your heart feels like writing about that day.

  7. I don’t comment often, but love your writing and the blog. My blog petered and languished and then stopped when Boyfriend was put down, but I consider another.

  8. I love the new layout <3 and I'll always be a reader as I very much enjoy your content, no matter what it is.

  9. Your blog has been one of my favorite since I found out you had a blog! Even my step daughter knew about you (from Instagram and claimed you were Instagram Famous!) Your posts from when Tim died were more helpful than you could imagine bc we were in the process of losing a family member to cancer and your words and feelings helped through my own grief and dealings with the other family members going through the same process.

  10. Congrats on your milestone. I’ve been following for several years now through all the highs and lows and I really appreciate your honesty and ability to share the dark corners of your life along side the great moments.

  11. I would keep reading if you wrote about makeup tips! I just found my makeup the other day while cleaning out an upstairs bathroom. I was pretty sure I’d lost it in the move. It’s the same stuff that has been in the same bag since my senior year of high school. That should tell you something about my knowledge of makeup. 😛

    In all seriousness, much love to you and I look forward to following your continuing journey.

  12. I like the new look! I think that your writing is comforting for many of us, including you. My personal loss isn’t one that is as obviously defined as yours, but it is a soul-crushing, life changing loss nonetheless. Reading your careful words helps me to remember that I’m not alone in my struggle, and I hope you know that you aren’t alone in yours. Your corner of the internet is like an old friend, comforting and supportive. You ARE one of the cool bloggers, because your content is true to who you are. This is why we all like you so much:)

  13. I think it looks terrific – noticed the snazzy new logo right away, for one thing! Please add my voice to the others saying SMTT is absolutely one of my MOST favorite blogs. I think this is because I can tell you DO put your heart into your writing. 🙂 Glad that you have your “alter ego/muse,” because the rest of us enjoy and find value in everything that you say!

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